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We danced like two teenagers hungry for one another. Eventually we found a secluded dark corner and I slid my hand up her thigh highs, under her skirt and onto her panties.


I was momentarily shocked when I felt her cock but then my heart raced with excitement. After kissing her deeply I dropped to my knees and moved her satin panties aside. I took her cock in my mouth and she groaned as it began to get harder and harder.

I swirled my tongue around it as I sucked it deep into the back of my throat. She pushed my head down and began to shudder. I reached up and took her balls in my hand and gently pulled them down delaying her orgasm.

Post-Op Transgenders

I stood up and kissed her again passionately. Then I undid my pants, slid them down to my ankles and bent over.

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She grabbed my hips and entered me. Slowly she rocked into my ass. Her pace quickened and I felt her bright red nails dig into the front of my thighs at the same moment I felt her splashes of hot cum deep inside me.

When she was spent she pulled out and Tumblr stood up. She turned me around and sexy took me in her mouth. I could feel the hot cum leaking out of me and it made me hotter as she took all of me in her trans. Within seconds I was shooting ropes of sperm into her mouth.

I am here to try to meet new friend.

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This blog is a safe space for all. I do have a separate NSFW blog. Hit me up! I don't bite.

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SheLove transgender women beauty. Random Tgirls No photos are mine. All photos are from Tumblr. If you want a photo removed just ask. All subjects have or had a penis! I admire the beauty of other trans girls, but I love men, it does not matter if they are handsome or not, preferably mature and manly.

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This is a side blog I tag my posts me. Melanie Knight This is a tumbler for my transition journey. Self Made Lady. Trans-lady of a certain age, love all beauty and kindness.

Just never ask how old I am!