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Personal blogs and Tumblrs are showing adult interest are acceptable. He is to remain in the chastity device at all times, she will decide if and when it is allowed to be removed. He will be restrained during times of release.


He hair pulling gif not touch the penis unless instructed by her. He will be relocked into chastity device before the restraints are removed. Sex does not always mean removal of the chastity device, for this reason he must be properly cleaned each night by She will choose when ejaculations occur. If he feels that ejaculation is arriving he must notify her immediately. He may tumblr brought to the brink of ejaculation many times before being allowed to experience full release.

And she does sissy have to tell, and may lie about, whether she is going to allow him to orgasm or not. No exceptions. I want make love with you and be your sweet sissy lover Chloe Sissi.

Sexual Sissy Satin Sensation

Absolutely yes!!! OMG Ashley you are so hot and sexy in red!!! Absolutely feminine!

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You are so sexy and inviting …. Top Photos. Recently Liked.

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Other Clothes — You will begin to build your new wardrobe appropriate for a girl. This includes: skirts, blouses, belts, dresses, stockings, garter belts, pantyhose, leggings, bikinis, shorts, capris, etc.

Sissy will monitor and advise you on your wardrobe as needed. Jewelry — You will also begin to build your jewelry tumblr rings, necklaces, earrings, bellychains, anklets, bracelets. As an option you may get your ears pierced during this section of training. It is not absolutely required until months 3 through 6 when you will also get your belly button pierced.

Hair — You are required to remain hairless from the face down. Shave 2 times per week without exception. Diary — You will begin keeping a sissy diary immediately. All entries will be made with pink pen with fluffy topper.

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You will be tumblr to record all of your girly fantasies and thoughts. As the days go by mistress will give you more explicit instructions. You will go into precise detail about your favorite girly clothes and why you would love to wear sissy. Later you will describe why you want to be pretty for men, etc.

Sissy, Femboy, Feminisation

This exercise is taken very seriously by mistress. Sissy is not just tumblr clothes sissy. You will be trained to think and feel like a girl from now on. If you choose to keep cutting your nails and hair then you are required to buy a wig and artificial tumblr. Nail Polish katy perry nude pose Your toenails are required to be painted at all times.

You will repaint them every week. You will wear at least 3 different colors per month on your pretty little toenails. Masturbation — You will be permitted to masturbate as frequently as you wish and tumblr looking at sissy you wish but you will ALWAYS eat sissy cum like a good slut.

In later months this will be greatly modified as you transition to only shemale porn and then, finally, only gay porn. During masturbation you are required to be wearing - at a minimum - your bra, panties, high heels, and lipstick. A horny sissy builds gigantic fantasies…and then jerks off and forgets about them.

Until the next time. One way to find out is to look at the outline of my training for sissy girls and ask yourself — am I really up for this?

Keep in mind that these are just the rules for the first 3 months of training. Things get more intense in months 3 through 6 and by the end of 1 year, well…you might find out someday.

I am strict but understanding. I demand periodic photographic proof that my requirements are being met. Any sissy who lies to me is immediately dismissed. No excuses, no drama — just dismissed. I only have time for sincere, genuine people. The ideal candidate is single and lives alone. Many sissies are married or have girlfriends or sissy which severely limits things for them unfortunately. It still need not preclude them from exploring their femininity if they truly want it — though they will face some tough decisions later if they really want to become pretty girls.

You may notice that there is no mention of chastity. Ready sissy tumblr