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Apple Butter - Easy "Apple Pie" Spread - Food Wishes

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Ricotta Pancakes with NUTELLA® hazelnut spread and Warm Strawberry Sauce - Nutella

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Bread spread texture and flavor for your snacks and fillings | Choví

Load more reviews. Sign up for email updates. A delicious range of high-quality, fresh, nutritious preparations mixed with savoury sauces adding different flavour nuances and a perfect texture for toasts or bread loaves. Get ready to prepare your snacks and small sandwiches!

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Are you in? Flavour, texture and ingredients of the best quality. Made with natural products, our bread spreads are nutritious preparations that will surprise you for their quality, freshness and, above all, nice taste. A delicious way to combine all the flavour of ingredients of the likes of crab, chicken or tuna with the texture and creaminess of savoury sauces such as mayonnaise.

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Crab, tuna, chicken, salmon and vegetables. Delicious, nutritious, fresh, savoury and ready to fill and eat! What else can you ask for? Crab, tuna, chicken, salmon or vegetables?

Browse among a mouth-watering range of fresh and nutritious preparations ready to fill and eat. Made with all the crab flavour, a touch of onion and mayonnaise.


A delicious and nutritious filling for snacks, toasts and small sandwiches. Simple and delicious? And is possible! Can you clearly describe the components of the change package that you have implemented. Does the change maiara walsh ass doing something differentlyrather than just doing something better? Can the changes be packed in a way that can be easily understood and tested by adopters?

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