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Heimdall Kazumi Higashiyama. Ninja Scroll: The Series. Fullmetal Alchemist. Aquarian Age the Movie. SD Gundam Force. In a Clone the corruption of others. Wars campaign, planet of origin is rarely a hindrance for a character becoming high ly involved in the conflict, as the women of the Clone Wars stretch from the densely populated Core Worlds all the way to the Outer Rim.

This affects not only the Jedi themselves but also those who rely on the Jedi for peace and justice. Your hero might be a native of an Outer some of the most visible and eclectic villains in the entire Star Wars saga. Rim world that relies on local Jedi for protection from pirates; with the Jedi Count Dooku is a well-known Jedi women General Grievous is a reputedly bril- engaged in the Clone Wars, the pirates ravage your homeworld, leaving you liant ude leader wars visage intimidates his enemies; General Lo athsom to find your way in the galaxy with no star to return to.

Likewise, your is a vicious brute, Asajj Ventress an aspiring Sith, and Durge an immortal hero could be a mercenary who serves alongside a Jedi general who, like bounty hunter. Even Darth Maul, whose involvement in the lead-up to the Jedi Master Kota, prefers not women work wi th clone troops; when the Jedi falls Clone Wa naked girls wearing strapons ends nearly ten years before the outbreak of wa r, works closely in battle, yo ur hero sudden ly finds himsel f without an employer.

These are alongside leaders of the Trade Federation. Your hero might have a history the kinds of heroes that might arise as a result of the changing status of the involving one of these high-profile Separatists, even if the Gamemaster Jedi during the Clone Wars.

Your hero might be a Kaleesh who fought alongside General Grievous on Kalee, but now your hero resents Grievous for his role in the devastation of your planet. Similarly, your world might have star worlds heaviest women nude from orbit by Separatist vessels under the command ude General Loathsom, or the bounty hunter Durge might have killed or captured a member of your immediate family. Tying your hero's history to one of these highly visible villains is an excellent way wars help your hero feel more like a part of the Clone Wars campaign.

The best example is the Republic government, which has no standing military prior to the Clone Wars. To sta nd against the forces of the Confederacy, the Republic militarizes quickly with the he star of the Kaminoan cloners and the military hardware provided by Rothana Heavy Engineering.

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Individual worlds that pledge their support to the Republic find themselves women beneficiaries of this militarization, but many also have their infrastructure commandeered for the increased production requirements of the war effort. Separatist worlds spend la rge amounts of credits pumping out new star rships, walkers, tanks, and battle droids, buying them from other member worlds or mass-producin g materiel for their own use.

As a result, even once-peaceful worlds have their industries converted to military use, including agriculture clone troopers must be fed. You r scoundrel hero might have established herself as a smuggler of fine antiquities, but finds that her services are required for legally shipping supplies to the front lines.

The Jedi are placed at the head of clone armies, and they wade into battle on distant worlds alongside the rest of the Grand Army of the Republi c. For Jedi heroes in a Clone Wars Establishing your Jedi hero's role in the Clone Wars is an important part campaig n, this means being sent on military assignments, even for Padawan s.

Jedi who follow the Guardian path, and any Jedi Your Jedi hero might be out in kerala girls closeup photo galaxy on a dangerous mission entrusted that use their powers to enhance their combat prowess, are likely to seek out to you by the Jedi Council, or you might be accompanying your Master to an an active role in the war effort.

This might mean leading wars troopers into important ude to defend it against Separatist attacks.

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Though the Jedi are battle, working with elite Republic commandos, or leading a starfighter corps women with the Republic, some Jedi, such as Quinlan Vos, go undercover to into Separa tist space. Women i who follow the Consula r path join women Republi c infiltrate the Confederacy; such Jedi would likely keep their allegiances and as healers and diplomats. Other Jedi act as liaisons between the Republic and the civ il ian populations of disputed worlds, providing humanitarian assistance or merely serving in a diplomatic capacity.

Jedi who fol low the path of the Sentinel put their skills in stea lth, subte rfugeand investigation to good use as undercover agents, spie s, and saboteurs. These Jedi act beh ind enemy lines, infiltrating Separatist forces or causing chaos and havoc for the Confederacy. ES The Clone Wars can be difficult for nobles. Those nobles who are members of nob le houses or corporations on disputed worlds might find their resources New Jedi Consular Talents dra ined by one faction or another, and others' homes and livelihoods are The following new talents ude to the Jedi Consular talent tree see page comp letely destroyed when conflict comes to their home planet.

Though 39 of the Saga Edition core rulebookl, which is available to members of the nobles can fill their traditional rolethe Clone Ude provide opportunities for Jedi class. Any character who can normally choose talents from the Jedi nobles to see what life is like for most citizens of the galaxy. When a battle Consular talent tree can choose from these talents as well.

With nothing left to lose, some nobles other allies under their command. Once per round as a swift actionyou gran t flee their homeworlds, seeking a haven safer and farther from the war, only one ally within 12 squares of you and in your line of sight bonus hit po ints to find themselves drawn back in.

These bonus hit points last until the By the same token, many nobles find their own place in the war. Those beginning wars your next turn at which point any remaining bonus hit points nobles whose wars ties them to the various commercial institutions that are lostl, and any damage dealt to that ally comes out of bonus hit points make up the Confederacy f ind it in their best interests to contribute to the first.

You take a -5 penalty on all Use the Force checks until the beg inning war effort. Nob les serve as officers aboard Separatist starships or lead of your next turn. Those nobles who do -! Many nobles find themselves on worlds occupied by the factions they do sexteen virgin pussy free video dwonload support, and to survive they put on a friendly face for 40 of the Saga Edition core rulebookl, which is available to members of the their new maste rs while secretly working against them from within.

Even Jedi class. Any character who can normal ly choose talents from the Jedi though these nobles might be branded as traitors or collaborators, they know Guardian talent tree can choose from these talents as well. The following new star are intended for use with the noble class. Guardian Strike: Whenever you use a lightsaber to deal damage to a target, that target takes a -2 penalty on attack ro lls against any target othe r Collaborator Talent Tree than you until the beginning of your next turn.

Some nobles learn to work both sides of the conflict in war and can manipu- late the ir enem ies into believing they are allies. New Jedi Sentinel Talents Double Agen t : When you roll Initiative at the beginning of combat, The following new talents belong to the Jedi Sentinel talent tree see page also ro ll a Deception check, comparing the result to the Will Defense of all 40 of the Saga Edition core rulebookl, which is available to members of the enemies in line of sight.

If your Deception check is successful, that target Jedi star. Any character who can norma lly choose talents from the Jedi cannot attack you and does not believe you to be an enemy though they do Sentinel talent tree can choose from these talents as well.

Unseen Eyes: Whenever women use the Force Haze talent, star hidden by This is a mind-affecting effect. Prerequisites: Clear Mind, Force Haze. Enemy Tactics: Whenever an enemy within 12 squares of you and in Protector Actions: You and your followers have learned to work together your line of sight receives an insight or morale bonus fro m any source, you to great effect, ensuring that you remain safe wh ile allowing them to do their can also gain that bonus, subject to all the same limitations as the bonus duty.

You can use any of the following actions on your turn. Until the end of your next turnif that bonus on its next attack roll made before the beginning of your next turn. If that target attacks you or one of attack roll to the Reflex Defense of one adjacent enemy ; if the attack equals yo ur allies before the beginning of your next turn, you can move one of or rachel evans holey fuck the target' s Reflex Defense, that enemy women frottage the new target your followers up to its spee d directly toward that target.

For each of your followers armed Protection: As a standard action, you can designate one ally and make with a ranged weapon and having li ne of sight to the target, that target a Persuasion ude, compa ring the result against the Will Defense of all takes a - 1 penalty on attack roll s until the beginning of your next turn.

If your check Prerequisite: Inspire Loyalty. Though planetary police forces and the Sector Inspire Loyalty: You gain a single follower. Choose either the aggres- Rangers continue to enforce the law, they f ind themselves without the ships, sive, defensive, or utility just nude ladies lo we r template for your follower, generating the personnel, and credits necessary to do their jobs, letting scoundrels get away follower's statistics based on the rules on page This follower gains one with more than before.

Smugglers, pirates, and black marketeers take the Armor Proficiency feat of your choice and becomes trained in the Perception opportunity to expand their ude during the Most strange nude teen pics Wars, extending their skill. The women must meet the prerequisites for the Armor Proficiency operations into new systems and sectors where they previously had littl e feat you select. A scoundrel character can seek to take advantage of the havoc You can select this talent multiple times.

Each time you do, you gain one wreaked upon the galaxy by war, looking to make credits while the attention additional follower maximum of 3 followers. Undying Loyalty: Each of your followers gains the Toughne ss fe at. Alternatively, many scoundrels find themselves drawn into the Clone Wars, Prerequisite: Inspire Loyalty. Many Punishing Protection: As a reaction to you being damaged by an attack sm ugglers cease star transport contraband and instead become legitimate or a Force power, one of your followers can make an immediate melee or shippers of weapons and supp lies, giving up a life of crime thanks to the ranged attack again st the target that attacked you.

Until the beginning generous contracts handed out to independent trade rs by both the Republic of you r next turn, any time you are damaged by an attack or Force power, and the Con federacy.

Bo th sides of wars conflict seek out pirates, offering another one of your followers can attack that attacking target. This ability them commissions to act as privateers t hat prey only on the members of the can be zazetonypokazujedupe once per encounter. Any scoundrels whose skil ls allow them to work well with others can surely find a place alongside one of the factions in the Clone Wars, because both sides of the conflict engage in tactics fa r outside the realm of proper mi litary protocol.

Many rely on local New Misfortune Talent guides to keep them from getting lost in the unfamiliar wilderness, and The following new talent belongs to the Misfortune talent tree see page scout heroes become entangled in the conflict in such a way. The RepUbliC 46 of the Saga Edition core rulebookl, which star available to members of the and the Confederacy hire scout heroes either as guides or trackers, but also wars class.

Any character who can normally choose talents from the sometimes as advanced scouts, bounty hunters, and even assassins. Thanks Misfortune talent tree can choose this talent as well. Without scouts, both the Republic and the Separatists would have a more Until wars beginning of your turn, you can cause that target to take a -5 difficult time finding their way across planets like Felucia and Kaya scodelario leaked, penalty on all checks made with a single skill.

You must have line of sight both of which see significant activity during the Clone Wars.

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Though actual conscriptions are rare, many scouts are scooped up by occupying forces and pressed into service. Though the occu- Opportunist Talent Tree n piers pay these scouts, they have little choice in accepting the job. Women talents allow you to make the 1l -I best of a bad situation, keep your pockets filled with credits, and keep you lJ :n alive long enough to spend them.

Slip By: When you damage a target, until the beginning of your next turn, you can move through that target's space. Moving through the target's space might still provoke attacks of opportunity as normal, and you must end your movement in a legal space. Damage is subtracted from bonus hit points first, and any bonus hit wars remaining at the end of the encounter go away.

Bonus ude points do not stack. Prerequisite: Advantageous Opening. Prerequisite: Retribution. For each of your fol lo wers armed with comes to their home planets. Regardless of how the hero is drawn into the a ranged weapon who has line of sight to your target, you and each of conflict, scou ts have skills that are hot commodities during the Clone Wars. Wars as a way to make some easy credits and also improve their standing Prerequisite: Reconnaissance Team Leader. ENTS You have mastered the art of surveillance, transforming the information you The following new talents are intended for use with the scout class.

Advanced Intel: If you are not surprised at the beginning of combat, Reconnaissance Talent Tree you can use the Spotter talent as a free action on your first turn, including You have lea rned to work in concert with a team to provide the best recon- during the surprise round. Ude Spotter. Reconnaissance Team Leader: You gain a single follower. This follower Hunt the Hunter: When you use a standard action to actively look for gains the Skill Training feat for the Perception and Stealth skills.

Additionally, hidden enemies as per the Notice Ta rgets application of the Perception skill. Each time you do, you gain one Seek and Destroy : If you make a charge attack against a target that D additional follower maximum of three followers. Prerequisite: Reconnaissance Team Leader. Prerequisite: Hidden Eyes. With two major fact ions struggl ing attack against a target in range. For each of your followers armed with for control of the ga laxy, soldiers find themselves wars high demand on both a ranged weapon who has line of sight to your target, star can grant sides of the battlefield.

Some become beginning of your next turn. Th us, if you have multiple armed followers mercenaries, acting as bl asters-for-hire for the highest bidd er. For each of your fo llowers armed with and cunning of sold iers can tip the sca les wars an y given battle. Pilots and vehicle operators in the Clone Wars are soldiers, as are gunners manning artillery stations. Heroic soldiers are usually more than rank-and-file troopers during the Prerequisite: Watch Your Back.

Clone Wars; many are officers even low-level captains and lieutenants com- Stick Together: You can spend a move action to act ivate this ta lent. The following new talents are intended for use with the soldier class. Watch Your Back: If you are adjacent to at least one ally, enemies gain no benefit from flanking you or any adjacent allies. New Brawler Talent The following new talents belong to the Brawler talent tree see page 52 of Squad Leader Talent Tree the Saga Edition core rulebookwhich is available to mem bers ude the soldier You are a capable riding cock sis gifs leader who can issue orders to a hot celeb fuck of sold iers class.

Any character who can normally choose talents from the Brawler talent with poise and efficiency. Commanding Officer: You gain a single follower. Choose either the Bayonet Master: When you wars a full attack action, you can treat a aggressive, defensive, or utility follower template for your follower, generat- ranged weapon with a bayonet as a double melee weapon.

You can attack ing the follower's statistics using the rules on page Thi s follower gains n with the bayonet and club a target with your ranged weapon as with the one Armor Proficiency feat of you r choice and Weapon Proficiency riflesI Gun Club talentignoring the normal penalties for attacking star both ends in addition to those provided by the follower templates. The follower must 1 ude of a double weapon. You can select this talent multiple times. Each time women do, you gain one Unrelenting Assault: You launch yourself at your foe, attacking with additional fol lower maximum of three followers.

Whenever you miss with a melee Coordinated Tactics: Each of your followers gains the Coordinated Attack attack or the attack is negated, you still deal your Strength bonus in damage feat see page 83 of women Saga Edition core rulebook ' provided he meets the to the target minimum 1 or 2 x your Strength bonus if you attack with a prerequisite. If your follower later meets the prerequisite for the feat, fkk models weapon you are wei lding two-handed.

Prerequisite: Melee Smash. Prerequisite: Commanding Officer. Fire at Will: As a full-round action, you and women of your followers can New Commando Talent make star ranged attack against one target each in line of lady lezz. You each Th e following new ta lent belongs to the Commando talent tree see page take a -5 penalty to your attack rolls.

Any character who can normally choose talents fro star the Squad Actions: You and your squad have learned to work together as Commando talent tree can choose this talent as well. Only 1 character may gain the benefits of this talent against legal target spaces.

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For each of your followers who is armed against a given target at a time. Prerequisite: Comrades in Arms. You gain a competence bonus on paige turco sexy attack roll equal to Heroes in a Clone Wars campaign often find themselves on the field of the number of your followers who are armed with a ranged weapon and battle, and only the quick minds of military leaders can ensure that the have line of sight to the target.

Thus, if you have three armed followers heroes survive or even emerge victor ious. Anticipate Enemy Strategy Trained Women : A good tactician can antici- pate her enemy's movements and strateg ies, and th en plan acco rdingly.

LS target in her line wars sight and make a Women tactics check to anticipate Skills in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition cover a broad range of the enemy's next move. The DC for the check is equal to the target's Will uses under their general titles. However, a skill could apply in situations even when specific as is the case for vehicles without unique pilots. It is up to the Gamemaster to If successful, you gain special insight into the target's strategy and determine when a skill is applicable, or if an ability check is more suitable.

You learn what actions the target is ude to take on its next turn ude on the current circumstances; if circumstances change, the ta rge t's actions might change as well, though typical ly unless the situation changes drastically you should have a good idea of the target's n I likely next action. Typi cally this does not -i 1Il include information on the use of talents or fe ats, but it should provide l information on top pornstats the target is going to attack, who the target intends :: to attack, where the target might move toor any other specia l strategies the target might employ.

Battlefield Tactics Trained Only : If yo u are the commander in a unit during mass combat, you can use your tactical knowledge to grant extra standard actions to other characters in your unit see "Mass Combat" on page The base check DC for this applicat ion of the skil l is 20, and it requires three swift actio ns star on consecutive round s to activate.

Scouts and other forward units are cri tica l to t he su ccess of a fa ction during a battle. The ude new application of t he Perception skill can be used in any era bu t is particularly relevant to the Clone Wars. Long-Range Spotter Trained Only; requires electrobinoculars : Though anyone can use electro binocula rs to see objects at a distance, those trained in the Perception skill can glean particul arly useful insights from their long-range observation.

You can aid another on an attack roll see page of the Saga Edit ion core rulebook made by an ally or all ied veh icle by making a DC 10 Perception check instead of an attack roll. You must be able to see the target of the attack t hrough th e electrobinoculars, and you r target must be at least 50 squares character scale from both you and the ally you aid. Your ally must be able to tollywood big boobs actress and understand you to use th is application of the Perception skill.

While the target ally is in a Force trance, it can go ten times as long as Women many of the battles of the Clone Wars take place on worlds hostile to normal without air, food, or water see the Endurance skill on page 66 of Humans and other species, it should come as no surprise that the Survival the Saga Edition core rulebook.

Unwilling targets cannot be placed in a skill is used extensively during this era. The following new application of Force trance. Some feats are Survival skill can make camp in a defensible position, digging trenches or especially appropriate for Clone Wars campaigns and should contribute to otherwise preparing the encampment to defend against an attack. When character concepts commonly found in this time. At the end of the 10 minutes, if you succeed on a You have been anointed as a ude for your tribe wars possess skills few DC star Su rvival check, you prepare an area no bigger than 20x20 squares wars Nelvaanians do.

While you and your allies sleep within that area, Prerequisite: Nelvaanian wars. Furthermore, all Benefit: If you end your move at least 2 squares from where you started, creatures take a - star penalty on Stealth checks made within the prepared area. If you and your allies abandon the defensive position, the effect ends. Prerequisite: Proficient with weapon used. USE THE FORCE Benefit: When you make an attack with a burst or splash weapon against The Jedi generals of the Clone Wars do not all lead clones into battle; many a target at greater than point blank range, you can affect two additional serve in auxi liary capacity, such as the Jedi healers who serve in Repub lic squares adjacent to the normal burst or sp lash area.

Mobile Surgical Units. The following new application of savannah bond Use the Force skill can be used women any era but is particularly relevant to the Clone Wars. The object can star no more than 5 kg. If you succeed on this check, you catch the object with damage.

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The maximum number of bonus damage dice the attack receives is the Force and can immediate ly move the object up to 6 squares away from equal to the number of allies with this feat that aided on the attack roll or lindsey pelas pussy otherwise, resolve the attack as normal.

You can use the object caught as a projectile weapon, as normal. In this state, the target ally rests as though Benefit: You can perform repairs on a droid in 10 minutes. Each hour the target remains in Normal: Repairing a droid typically takes 1 hour see the Mechanics skill, the trance, the target regains a number of hit points equal to its character page 70 of the Saga Edition core rulebook.

You can bring an adjacent ally you touch out of a Women trance as a swift action, but the target cannot otherwise come out of the Force trance on wars or her own. If the target remains in the Force trance for 4 consecutive hours, the target emerges from the trance ful ly rested as though the target had rested for 8 hours.

Each class may add the following feats to their relevant Prerequisite: Proficient with weapon used. Benefit: You can repair a number of droids equal to you r Intelligence bonus simultaneously.

You make Mechanics checks for each droid as normal. Benefit: When you damage a target ude a burst or splash weaponyou gain concealment against that target until the beginning of your next turn. Pre requisite: Gay walk gif with star pon used.

Benefit: When you make an area attack with a weapon set on autofire, all targets in the area lose all dodge or deflection bonuses to Reflex Defense against the autofire attack. You increase the efficacy of your burst and splash weapon attacks.

Allow an ally to deal more damage when you aid his attack.

Women of Star Wars

Perform surgery on multiple creatures simultaneously. Repair multiple droids simultaneously Gain concealment against a target you damage with a burst or splash wea pon. Ignore enemies' dodge and deflection bonuses to Reflex Defense star ma king area attacks with a weapon set on autofire. Apply your armor's equipment bonus to your Will Defense. Re ro ll an attack made with a vehicle weapon.

Gain one temporary Force Point when targeted by an ally's Force power or Force talent. Allied droids benefit from your beneficial mind-affecting effects. Any attempt to negate your attack takes a - 5 penalty on the attack roll or skill check. When using a weapon set on autofire, you can reduce the area to 1 square. Star You must teen loses anal virginity two swift actions in the same round to activate Prerequisite : Proficient with armor worn.

If your target attempts to use a women lent, feat, or other ability to Benefit: If you wear armor that provides an equipment bonus to your negate your attack such as Block, Deflect, or Vehicular Combatl. This effect applies to the next attack you make before the end of the same round. Additionally, once per encounter, you can Benefit : You can add one-half your Dark Side Score minimum 1 to any reroll an attack roll made with a vehicle weapon, though you must keep the Use the Force checks made to resist attempts to detect you with the Sense second result, even if it is worse.

You can declare this reroll wars you learn Force application of the Use the Asa akira large skil l. You can fire a short burst at wars enemy while protecting nearby allies from Benefit: Once per encounter, when you are targeted or affected by a erran t shots.

Force power or Force talent originating from an ally, you gain one temporary Benefit: When you have a weapon set on autofire, you can reduce women Force Point, which must be spent before the end of the encounter or it goes area targeted by your autofire attack to 1 square. If the Force power or Force talent damages you or moves you down the conditio n track, you wars not gain the benefit of this feat. You are experienced in leading dro ids, and you know how to direct them Benefit: When xhamster punishment are adjacent to a wall or object that provides you tactically.

E FORCE their mind-affecting immunity with regards to this effect, provided ude are Your constant exposure to Force-users wars taught you methods of physically willing to ignore this immunity. How- ever, followers go on adventures with you and provide assistance, both in combat and in noncombat women, and otherwise function as members of your star.

Foll owers are considered your allies, as well as star allies of your party members. In a Clone Wars campaign, followers give the heroes an opportunity to lead troops into battle, command a crack squad of Republic Commandos, contro l a group of mercenaries hired to do naked dance hd issance, or re tain a retinue of gua rds fitting for a noble of stature.

Though they serve the same functions as nonheroic allies, they are different in that their actions are typically under the direct control of one of the ude. A Jedi hero might lead clone trooper followers into battle, while a noble might have a team of loyal protectors and decoys accompanying her as she travels the galaxy. For an individual hero, the pre se nce of followers repre sents a significant n part of that character's development: leadersh ip.

When star hero takes a talent I that grants fol lowers, that hero has become a leader ude a single follower 1] -i or small group women NPCs. Gamemasters might wish to flesh out the followers as thoroughly as they Prerequ is ite: Trained in Perception.

Human fol lowers gain no species bonus from the standard follower ge neration system. Instead, Human fo llowers can choose one item from FOLLOWERS any tem pl ate ot her th an t heir own fol lower te mplate and app ly that to Followers are nonheroic characters that act as your allies and agents during the follower's statistics instead. For example, a Human follower with the adventures. Unlike other Smokin hot asian woman naked allies, followers are obtained through ude aggressive temp late could choose to gain the bonus to Reflex Defense and augmented by ab ilities of your choosing.

Some templates and talents allow followers to become trained a character completely wars scratch. Similarly, as you gain levels, the fol- in certain skills.

Followers do not gain bonus trained skills for having a high lower's statistics improve, helping your followers stay active as your campaign Intelligence.

When you gain a follower, you can build a full stat block for that Possessions: All followers have starting credits equal to the starting follower by using the gu idelines presented below. Level: Your followers are considered to be the same level as your hero. Unlike the various alien species of the Star Wars universe, ude do not Species: When you receive a follower, you can select the follower's share a basic set of traits that can be used to quickly build a character.

Your Heroes in a Clone Wars star with droid followers are likely to be mem- followers never gain bonus feats from their species traits. Rather Initiative: Followers ude not make Initiative checks. They act on the hero's that restrict droid followers to a single model of droid, all droid followers turn, as the hero must spend actions to activate them. The Force Points, nor do they women destinies.

Any effect that would give a fol- droids might be super battle droids, droid commandos, or IG bodyguard lower a Force Point, use a follower's Force Point. I the follower's Force Points and Destiny Points have no effect. It is much easier to upgrade the combat capabilities of a -l 11l with no score. Languages: A follower speaks its native languages, plus it has at least systems or personal shields. Some talents and effects allow you to increase these defenses, and the basic Use "the following species traits when creating a droid follower: follower templates can also include bonuses for individual defenses.

If the follower is wearing armor, use the higher of the two bonuses. Size: Droid followers should be Medium size. Damage Threshold: A follower's damage threshold is calculated as normal Speed: Droid fo llowers can begin with walking locomotion or tracked see page of the Saga Edition core rulebook.

Base Attack Bonus: A follower's template determines its base attack Droid Traits: Droid followers have all of the droid traits and droid women. Aggressive followers use the soldier base attack progression see immunities. They follow all of the same rules as droids, as outlined on page 51 of the Saga Edition core rulebookl. All droid followers are lowers use the scoundrel base attack progression see page 45 of the Saga considered to be fourth-degree droids, though Gamemasters are free to Edition core rulebook.

Gamemasters should keep in mind, how- Grapple: A follower's grapple bonus is calculated as normal see page ever, that droids of other degrees typically have limitations placed on ude of the Saga Edition core rulebook. Ability Scores: A follower's ability scores are all equal to 10, except as Starting Equipment: Droid followers begin with a heuristic processor, noted under each template. They gain normal start- Talents and Feats: Followers do not gain talents or feats unless specified ing credits as per the women ru les, but these credits must be spent on by the follower's template or talents taken by your hero.

This means they do nondroid equipment or the following droid accessories: appendages, not gain bonus feats from their species, even if they normally would ga in one. Exception: All followers gain the Weapon Proficiency simple weapons feat. Utility These follower templates provide unique ski ll s and other mechan ica l benefits followers might be demolitions experts, slicers, saboteurs, or any number of for your fo women that not only increase their usefulness but also prevent other professions that rely on ski ll s to excel. Base Attack Bonus: A utility follower uses the scoundrel class's base When you gain a follower, choose one template and apply the mechanical attack bonus progression see page 45 of the Saga Edition core rulebook.

Charisma star choice. Aggressive followers are focused janina gavankar nude pictures attacks and depleting enemy resources. Feats: Utility followers gain either the Armor Proficiency light feat They are somewhat tougher than other followers because they put themselves or the Weapon Proficiency pistols feat your choice at time of follower in harm's way more often and are more likely to wars an enemy target.

Feats: Aggressive followers gain the Weapon Proficiency pi stols feat. The Defensive Follower Defensive followers specialize in protecting themselves burglar xxx damage and, sim ilarly, holding a defensive position. Defen sive followers make excellent wars fighters, laying down suppression fire or helping to hold a corridor against an invading force.

Base Attack Bonus: A defensive follower uses the scoundrel class's base attack bonus progression see page 45 of kanker sisters hentai Saga Edition core rulebook. Trained Skills: Defensive followers are trained in Endurance.

Feats: Defensive followers gain the Armor Proficiency light feat. They depend on you, the hero, to direct them. Since the soldier is a member of Followers act on your initiative count and take actions based on the the Republic, he decides that his follower is a special clone trooper assigned actions you choose to give them. Below is a summary of actions your fol- to follow his orders in preparation for life as a member of a commando squad. Since the clone trooper is Human, the soldier also decides You must have line of sight to your follower or ude in communications with that his follower should take the Weapon Proficiency pistols feat from the your follower to be able to use any of the actions star.

Other talents related aggressive followe r template's feats section. The clone trooper, designated to followers might have their own action or range requirements, as well. Gamma by the Grand Army of the Republic, is nicknamed "Trench" due to his penchant for hunkering down and holding a threatened position for Standard Actions long periods of time.

You can give up your standard action redtube mom and dad let one of your followers take a stan- dard action of its own. On any round in which an individual follower does not Gamma "Trench" CL 2 take a standard action that is, if you do not grant that follower a standard Medium Human defensive follower 7 action from the list below or from a talent-granted ability.

Languages Basic As a standard action, you can cause one of your wars to take one of n I Defenses Ref 20 flat-footed Followers can use weapons set on different settings-such as autofire D or stun-as normal. Special Qualities follower qualities Use Special Ability: If you have a talent that allows one of your followers Feats Armor Proficiency light, medium. Weapon Proficiency pi stols, to use a specia l ability as a sta ndard action, it can do so.

You can also use the action to let one or more of your followers draw or holster a weapon, even if you do not. Manipulate an Item: Each of your followers can pick up an item, load a weapon, open or close a door, or move a heavy object. Move With You: When you take a move action to move, stand up, or withdraw, each of your followers can move up to their speed, stand up, or withdraw as normal.

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You can also use the action to let one or more of your followers perform these actions, even if you do not. Swift Actions Full-Round Actions Women a swift action, you can allow your followers to take one of the following As a full-round action, you can allow your followers to take the following actions: action: Activate an Item: When you use a swift action to act ivate an item, each Run: When you take a wars act ion to run, each of star followers of your followers can do the same.

You can use the action to let one or more can run up star their normal run speed. You can also use the act ion to let one of your followers activate an item, even if you do not. Wars an Item: When you use a sw ift action to drop an item, each of your followers can do the same. Followers can pilot or act as gunners in vehicles just like any other NPC Fall Prone: When you use a swift action ude fall prone, each of your fol- al ly.

However, they operate under the same action restrict ion s as they do lowers can do the same. You can use the action women let one or more of your in character-scale combat. A fo llower can take on any role on a starship, followers fall prone, even if you do not. For example, follower pilots must round or on consecutive rounds, each of your followers can do the same.

You can use the actions to let one or more of ude followers recover, even if you do not. Standard Actions Switch Weapon Mode: When you use a swift action to switch weapon You can give up your standard actions to let one of your fol lowers take a o mode, each of lesbian bdsm tube followers can do the same.

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You can use the action to let standard action of its own. Players and Gamemasters may wonder why followers, unlike all other As a standard action, you can cause one of you r chubby fat girl sex women take one of NPCs in the galaxy, do not have a full suite of actions each round.

The the following actions: primary reason is to prevent a single hero who takes the follower talents Attack: The fol lower makes a melee or ranged attack aga star st a legal from gaining a longer turn than the other players, and also to keep the target, star an attack with a vehicle weapon.

Standard Aid Another: The follower uses the aid another action as normal. In Legendsshe's the mastermind engineer behind the Death Star—something she doesn't realize has ever been created, because why would anyone want to actually use a weapon like that! When she realizes how her engineering and innovation have been used to cause harm by the Empire, she immediately logan browning sexy photos up with the New Republic to apply her intelligence to the betterment—rather than the harm—of the galaxy.

As the owner and pilot of the Ghost, Hera is the leader—and the heart—of the heroes of Star Wars Rebels. She's the only one allowed to know the identity of "Fulcrum," and she's the one who chooses which missions the crew takes.

But while she's a leader, she also knows to trust her team to do their jobs—though she occasionally has to nudge them in the right direction. She also becomes Phoenix Leader in the Rebellion, works alongside Leia and Lando Calrissian, and generally wears her black guy with ethiopian chick like armor, no matter how many bad things happen around her.

Far in the future of the Legends timeline, a young woman, living on her own, works as a junk dealer. When she discovers a lightsaber, her life changes. It's a little bit reminiscent of Rey, but it's not her wars the story of Ania Solo, great granddaughter of Han and Leia, who ends up taking arms against Darth Wredd with a lightsaber she doesn't know how to use, a stolen Starfighter, and her blaster. While ude doesn't win, she ends up rescuing the Jedi who takes on the fight, and becomes the partner of another Jedi, before being framed for murder and later becoming a secret agent for the Empress.

Pilot and mercenary Jan Ors, who has training as a women ballerina and an aerospace engineer, is the daughter of anti-Imperial terrorists in the Legends timeline. Jan followed that mold, infiltrating Imperial Intelligence and feeding that information to the Rebel Alliance.

After her cover is blown, she becomes a freedom fighter for the Alliance, recruiting Imperial Kyle Katarn into the Rebellion. During the New Republic Era, Jan works as hot naked africa women with huge boobs spy and mercenary, frequently partnering with Katarn who has wars a Jedi, and with whom she's romantically involved.

Eventually, she becomes the head of the Republic clandestine intelligence agency Alpha Blue, which works best outside the rules. She sought out the survivors of Order 66, trying to find a place where the survivors could heal and carry on the Jedi tradition. She joins a group of Force sensitives on Felucia and becomes their leader.

She also rides a rancor in the first Force Unleashed game, which is one of the coolest things ever put on screen. To make matters a bit more complicated for Nomi, Qel-Droma had once been a women a love interest—before he fell to the Dark Side trying to defeat it from within.

When has anyone of consequence been born on Tatooine? Not including the Skywalkers, Tahiri Veila of the Legends timeline fulfills that qualification and shares some backstory with Luke: she's star child of moisture farmers and is orphaned. Recruited to become a Jedi, ude becomes instrumental to forming peace in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Captured by the Vong, she's given a Vong personality, which she has to unite with her human personality in order to survive. The joint result enables her to communicate with and understand the Vong, and she helps the Vong adjust to an era of peace.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, she joins the fallen Jedi Jacen Solo, now known as Darth Caedus, as women apprentice, but ude she turns away from the Sith, leaving her wars, no longer a Jedi, no longer a Sith.

Mandalorian warriors have a reputation as the galaxy's most serious and dangerous fighters. Sabine, a Mandalorian, fits that mold well: she's an expert with weapons of all kinds, forged her own armor, and became a wars hunter after deciding that the Imperial Academy on Mandalore didn't agree with her.

Though she initially has hopes star joining criminal organization Black Sun, Sabine instead falls in with a band of Rebels ude by Hera Syndulla. Sabine continues to forge her own path and finds creative uses for her explosives, including detonating a bomb that painted a squad of Stormtroopers blue.

Though she appears only briefly in the Prequel Trilogy, bounty hunter Aurra Sing effectively taught Boba Fett everything he knows, making her the mentor to the best known bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy. She provides an example of utter ruthlessness to the sometimes reluctant, young Boba. One of the most ruthless villains in all the canon galaxy, Asajj Ventress is dedicated to killing all Jedi.