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When you're surprised by the incompetence around you — even though you should be used to it by now. Image courtesy of Tumblr, whatthefeckinfeck 7. When you've decided to let your anger quietly fester.

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Image courtesy of Tumblr, simply-michi 8. For the seventh straight day day of writer's block. Image courtesy of Tumblr, trapevoid 9. When you're seriously considering throwing something at the wall.

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Image courtesy of Tumblr, hellomymoodis When you're trying, unsuccessfully, to hide your frustration. Image courtesy of Tumblr, lareb When you've lost the will to exert your anger. You pin down his shoulders with your knees and now you just toy around with him……how fuckin humiliating…….

JavaScript is required black bbw tgirl view this site. Log in Sign up. By creating clever Gif and Photoshopped artwork of women stomping out oppressors and enjoying themselves publicly without judgement, she's stomping her ideals into the public mindset. The imagery draws on centuries of Southeast Indian visual language, and nothing is off limits.

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Stomping on the toilet cistern! Toilet-papering the room! Entering my polling place like. Not one to let the Japanese superstar take all the glory, the big ape King Kong has smacked up his share of vehicles—particularly ones with people in them. Even back in the early age of B-movie monsters, when stop motion animated beasts roamed the black-and-white streets, giant monsters were putting their footprints on cinema.

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Based in Pune, India, a city outside of Bombay, Das' work is steeped in local culture, and as such, it gets more attention from those familiar with and engaged in it.

But quality work is quality work, which means that attention to her art has bled beyond her borders into the global community. I love Gif, but I'm far more of a sadist than stomping can ever be. I have a GIF of the Ragna one. - Wikimedia Commons

The Kokonoe vid is sorta low quality so I can still do the GIF but I can't promise it will be particularly attractive. User Info: JakeJupiter I can make one, I just need a match from youtube or something. I made a few hakumen gifs a while back.