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Latest News. Democrat Warren's U. Twelve dead as plane crashes after take-off in Kazakhstan 2h. I smacked her nipples hard, pinching them and twisting them harder, as I filled her up. My warm piss flooding her sexy, neatly trimmed pussy. I rubbed her clit faster and faster and faster. I took her inside her house and we continued our sexfest there.

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I bent her over the kitchen counter and fucked her pussy while she ate chocolate pudding. She gave me some too, but I ate mine from her pussy, after I shoved a bowl full up there. She moaned and licked her beautiful lips, as I ate the pudding from her pussy.

I decided to give myself a drink too, so I popped open a cold one, leaned her back and shoved the beer bottle up her sweet ass.

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As I ate the chocolate pudding, I deposited the beer up there. I nipple and rubbed her clit and she squirted all in the pudding, so I got her extra special tasting pudding. I ate it up. When I finished dumping the beer in her ass, I had her push it out into my mouth and drank it out of her ass. My mouth was right on her anus and I lick out her ass, while I drank the beer.

She was digging me and I dug her. I fucked her ass with a frozen hot dog. Susan was so into the chilled feeling of it in her ass, she squirted again, this time directly sarandon my mouth.

She sucked me off, covering my cock in ice cream, it felt great, and chocolate sauce. She sucked out one of the biggest loads I have ever produced. I filled her mouth 5 times on one cum shot. She swallowed it all and ate the ice cream and naked sexual torture girls too.

She was ravenous with lust. I fucked her in the ass again, smacking that soft ass hard, as I pounded it for an hour. She came three times before I came.

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I pumped her ass full of my sweet cream. She squatted down and pushed the cum out of her ass into a bowl. She wiped the last drop of my cum off her ass and sucked her fingers clean and put the bowl to her mouth and slowly poured my cum into her hungry mouth.

She smiled at me, as she ate my cum happily.

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She licked the bowl clean slowly, smiling at me the whole time. We called for a pizza and she blew the nerdy delivery guy for his tip, while I took pictures.

He was so happy that Susan Sarandon was blowing him, he didn't last long. She swallowed his small load easily. She laid him down and smiled at him, she winked at me and squatted over his face. He was so excited But that didn't last long, as Susan pissed into his mouth. He ran out the door, in utter shock and disbelief, damn lightweight.

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We laughed and got back to fucking. I fucked her in the ass in her spacious shower. Those perfect tits flopping, the water hitting them and dripping off. I played with them and slammed her ass relentlessly. She came twice more. I sat on the seat in the back of the shower, sucking her perfect tits for a sarandon an hour. I just susan them nipple played with her pussy. They tasted so fucking good. She squirted all over my hand and licked it clean, looking right at me. I tit fucked her in the shower. She wrapped this beauties around my big thick lick and I went to town banging them.

I slapped them and squeezed, as I fucked them. She sucked my cock head at the same time. I came in her mouth and watched, as she took my load, open mouthed and never spilled a drop. She swallowed every single drop and kept sucking for more. I held her head, as she sucked me so damn fast, playing with my aching balls. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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