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Nope, she was just getting changed while Chris Pine gawped. OK, a film titled Piranha 3D isn't exactly trying to be high-brow, but this scene was still far too silly. Swimming, snogging, stark naked.

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And Jerry O'Connell can't help himself. Especially as the film was a PG. Cue millions of year-old boys giggling that they got to see boobs at the cinema and a hundred "Draw me like one of your French girls" memes. And then the scene is over. Swordfish is a bad movie.

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Within minutes, the first female character we see is blown up on camera. The rest of the film is a nonsensical riff on hacker thrillers, video games and old school noir. Both actors are giving us their best takes on noir archetypes.

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The film received a great deal of press initially because it featured Halle Berry's first topless scene. Critics said the scene looked forced, thrown into the film just to garner press. Berry said she did the topless scene, knowing it was gratuitous, to overcome the fear of appearing nude onscreen.

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Also, the sight of a person typing at a computer just isn't that interesting. The DVD version contains an alternative ending wherein Ginger is told in the bank that the account is already almost empty, alluding to the possibility that Stanley has played one final trick on them and taken the money himself.

When Ginger tells Gabriel about this, he takes it in stride and asks her to join him on a trip to Istanbul. In a companion scene to the alternate ending, Stanley is shown on a trip with his daughter in a brand new RV.

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While eating at a diner, Stanley is shown transferring billions of dollars to various charities before continuing his trip. It contains 15 tracks. The film's orchestral score was written by Christopher Young with several electronic additions by Paul Oakenfold. Fragments from the score were added to the official soundtrack, but were remixed by Oakenfold.

A more complete release was issued as an award promo, which is known for its rarity.

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It even sounds fun in a cheesy way.