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Female bodybuilder fetish—men who like their girls hard and muscularly defined like Ms. Almost entirely drawn hentaisince there doesn't seem to be that strange niche of women in Japan that gets obsessed with bodybuilding to insane proportions. Tentacle anyway, the exaggeration tentacle drawn hentai is always to the advantage tentacle this case. Presumably it is the ample thigh muscles that are the key muscles in this case. Or perhaps some others that don't bear imagining….

Sex with someone related to you. It doesn't seem that incest is less taboo than in other cultures, but there seems to be a thrill gained from the extra level of depravity that it offers. The most common slang for testicle. Don't ask.

A fashion that involves wearing an outfit based on a Japanese school uniform, but with a shortened skirt, loose sockstouch often dyed hair and a scarf as well.

Styles in kogal fashion change with the times depending on which idol is currently popular, and there are several subtypes. To come into a girl's mouth, which she hopefully follows with gokkun. I'm assuming that it refers to her shouting not to come tagme her and ending up in her mouth, or touch other meanings are tentacle possible.

Contrast with nakadashi. Thanks to Lint for definition. Any pornography involving contests. It brings woman squirting while masterbating element of competition into an otherwise dull sex scene and apparently inflames the male competitive urge. From the term for "young lancefish". The orgasm of kyokan onnainvolves tiny girls pleasuring their relatively giant partners in parts that only tiny girls can reach.

Can involve urethral play and whole body " handjobs ". At its very worst can involve the swallowing of said girls vore or insertion into various orifices. Thankfully this hasn't made it to live action just yet.

A very derogatory term for "a woman for sexual use by anyone". See the synonymous niku benkiand the related shintai ni rakugaki and yariman. To make a girl horny by talking dirty. Tagme also be used to refer to phone sex. A special chair or stool on which a customer sits. There is a hole or holes in the seat so that the girl can get underneath for fellatioanaru zemeetc. Used in the sex industry. Refers to pulling girl's panties so that the material bunches thinly and then moving it back and forth in order to stimulate her.

Otherwise known as "flossing". Vaginal speculum. From Edouard Gabriel Images of teen insex positions, the inventor of the eponymous and now-standard two-bladed type of this device.

I would guess the thrill comes touch seeing a girl at their most vulnerable or to be at your most vulnerable. And of course, the following malpractice suit. A type of hostess clubgenerally with younger, rachel ticotin naked experienced hostesses and cheaper prices. Subtypes include girls barslingerie pubsand osawari pubs. Generally refers to male genitalia that are inhuman in proportion i.

Surprisingly, they still fit inside a woman's vagina or anus with very little to spare outside. Can be either that large, or achieved by penis expansion. Large penes are a staple in shunga. Involves women of stupidly large proportions Godzilla-like towering above cities tagme vaginas the size of the Channel Tunnel having sex with normal men who could happily climb inside and have a tropical holiday. Basically refers to any pornography in which a size difference between the woman and man is more than The opposite is koonago.

This describes breasts that are large but in the natural range, and usually achievable without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Originally meant any manga for adult women, but now often applied specifically to pornographic manga for women. Compare with ero gekiga and seinen.

Same as "blue movie" in English. Refers to material containing sexual scenes in English, orgasm to erotic fan fiction. Allegedly comes from the Japanese slang for a "loose woman", but the actual etymology may be from the orgasm anime anthology series Cream Lemonwhich started in The term does not seem to be used in current Japanese, though "lemon" is often associated with the acid-sweetness of love, especially with first love, so that a first kiss is said to taste of lemon.

See pink. An erotic piece, but with no actual sex; especially applied to erotic fan fiction. Obviously a progression from "lemon" as in "slightly less immoral"—well, as immoral tentacle citrus fruits get anyway. A type of kyaba kura in which the hostesses wear lingerie. Refers to all sexual acts from kissing through French kissing to fellatio and top tits xxx. Basically, anything involving lips can be termed "lip service". Lolita complex and lolicon refer to the lust for underage girls "lolis" in English slang ; lolicon can also refer to an individual with such a lust.

The term is actually Western and comes from the interpretation of Vladimir Nabakov's novel Lolita —a tragicomedy about the wooing and extraction of sexual favors from the twelve-year-old Dolores by the novel's protagonist, an older man, who has nicknamed her "Lolita". Synonymous in most Japanese contexts with pedophilia, but some may argue that in reference to hentailolicon refers only to fictional drawn sexual material and therefore is lacking the corruption or abuse of real children.

This refers to the infamous loose socks worn exclusively tentacle Japanese schoolgirls starting in the s. The socks themselves originated from American manufacturers, who were aiming at the mountain climbing industry, but the market for young high school girls became viable after they were adopted as an "alternate school uniform". It is not usual for other age groups to wear them—they seem to be exclusive to high school.


A generic term for sexual lubricant, especially the water-based kind. Given the fantasy nature of hentai anime and seinen manga, lubricant is seldom used, but in real life may be part of paizuri. The use of lotion sexual lubricantoften in large quantities such as playing in a bathtub full of it with your partner. A service offered in some soaplands and depicted in specialized AVs.

Kemeko zuri is one type of lotion play. Short-stay hotel for couples who want touch place for sex. Available by the hour or by the night, love hotels are designed for privacy, and often have outrageous decor, inside and out. Rooms decorated with tagme harem, disco, or science fiction theme, or as a train carBDSM dungeon, or just about anything else are available if you look long enough. Considered cute and moein anime and manga low-rise panties can be depicted as having such a short distance rise between waist and crotch that it's a miracle that they stay in place, or cover anything at all.

Not incompatible with also being shimapan. Developed by Nikkatsu for their Roman porno films, this was originally a sort of feminine codpiece made of skin-colored tape, used tentacle conceal the actress' pubic hairgenitalsand anus as a crude sort of censorship. Maebari now refers to any similar strapless crotch piece, orgasm sexy grannies over femal sexuality somewhat of a fetish item in drawn images.

It related to but distinct from the "Band-Aid on pussy", another form of tentacle censorship in illustration. Cafes in which the service is provided by waitresses in maid uniforms. A favorite haunt of Japanese otaku. The "worst" word in the Japanese language.

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A sex club in an apartment building. See senzuri for the male variety. A rather specific genre in Orgasm erotica and madonna naked mexican porn and manga generally in which girls wearing glasses are seen to be more attractive.

Whether this is due to the glasses making them seem vulnerable and innocent or the reminding of high school days would probably vary from person to person. Nevertheless, meganekko are stereotypically bookish and shy and tend to play submissive roles. Megane are a major trait associated with moe. They say touch being deprived of one of your senses heightens the other four. In that logic, adding nose plugs, earplugs, and a ball gag would leave a person in heightened sexual ecstasy comparable to Nirvana.

If only life was that simple…. Female genitals visible through tight clothing. A type of chirarizumu—see panchira. Tentacle refers to a woman widowed in middle age by a freak disease or car accident, leaving an tagme very lonely and sexually frustrated woman in need of tentacle special attention.

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Also ties in with jukujo. Fetish centering around women's ears. Like ha daisuki I have absolutely no idea why this would be in the least bit sexy, but then again, for every part of girls, there are men who find them extremely erotic. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a "philtrum fetish" teen hot xxx picture to peshawar some back alley orgasm on the Internet somewhere and after checking, I found it—see hananoshita fechi.

In hentai anime and seinen manga, the result of tentacle, supernatural possession, drug, hypnosis or other means, mind control allows various shenanigans which would otherwise be non-consensual. Not exactly a fetish, tentacle swimsuit competitions and magazine spreads are ten a penny in Japan.

Presumably also put there by the maunfacturers for easy erotic access, though in real life this would probably result in lolicon and a subsequent prosecution. The "new style" swimsuit is a racerback. There is no explicitly labeled "part II". I include this entry in a dictionary about hentai because moe definitely qualifies as a fetish, and because girls stripping men naked qualities are now being used in Japanese drawn pornography erogeetc. A minority fetish separate from guro which focusses on painful sex.

Tentacle in most cases, the sex is "so painful it's good" in that roundabout, semi- masochistic denial fashion that the Japanese have done so well.

Usually contains amusing phrases such as "You're hitting my womb! Mozetsu often results in ahegao. A method of censorship which displays part or all of the offending orgasm at a markedly lower resolution, resulting in large r pixels.

Compare with bokashi. Absolutely flat chested; a girl with tiny breasts. To ejaculate inside your partner either in the vagina or rectum. Equivalent to the Western term "creampie". In this context used to indicate that a condom is not used. As opposed to "gomu fera" blowjob with a condom. Commonly known as flirting in the West, but possibly in a more serious sporting sense, this is the "art" of picking up girls. As with all things that the Japanese have or take from other cultures, there has evolved a complex system, complete with teachers, rules, and "secret techniques".

Generally, though, it consists of men standing on street corners and picking up women, sometimes for dates and sex, and other times for more long-term relationships. Illegal of course, orgasm if done as an act then marketable see AV. Feminine lesbian or gay man; the submissive, bottom, passive, or femme role in a homosexual relationship, as opposed to tachi or seme. Compare with the gender neutral reversible. Another word for a pre-op transsexual see also shemale. Generally refers to a man who has had breast augmentation but who still has male genitalia.

Newhalf may also refer to an individual who is physiologically of one gender but whose identity and personality is of the other. They may also cross-dress. See also 3P. Thanks to kijakusai for his help with this.

The feeling or opinion touch two-dimensional i. Also known as "2D fetish " in English. A woman for use as a dumping ground for males' semen. Refers to a range of bizarre fetishes involving the modification of bodies to a certain end through usually science or surgery. Any hentai containing pregnant tagme.

Also exists in niche Western pornography. Presumably the basis is that women can be extremely sexually disinhibited at times when pregnant, and also in some circles the pregnant woman is seen as the height of womanliness touch therefore extremely desirable. Probably a bit of both to be honest. Often linked with lactation ; a completely fictional fetish impossible in real life. A kind of cafe popular from to the early s tagme which the waitresses wore short skirts and no panties ass worship london the tentacle was mirrored for…well, you can probably guess.

Later on, rooms were put in out back for pricier interactions such as masturbation or blowjobs. There are hardly any left now. No-pan yakuniku and no-pan shabu shabu restaurants also tagme, amusingly.

Part of the sex industry. This refers to an AV fetish in blmsnowbunny athletic girls are filmed doing various things wet—e. Everyone knows that water and sex in real life generally results in slipping over and back sprains… Anyway, this is an example of what The Joy of Sex calls "super-skin"—the smoothing out and simplification tentacle body lines "tightness, shininess and texture" ; see its "Clothes" and "Wet look" entries.

Material in which a nude girl is painted in bright colors all over her body—presumably the painting itself is mildly erotic and the finished work is artful and contemporary dependent on the skill of the artists of course.

Now all that's left is to label it "Untitled woman painted " and leave it in nargis fakhri sexy picture Tate Modern. Not to be confused with nure fechi. The act of presenting food on a girl's naked body to be eaten off. The food is usually sashimi or sushi thus the English term "naked sushi".

The girl must be trained rigorously to lie still without moving and may be given a cold bath beforehand to reduce skin temperature. In certain establishments, she may touch tied up using kinbaku. Compare with wakamezake. Another rare fetish involving the penetration of the usually male urethra with a variety of implements—including anal beads, dildosvibratorsand other penises.

A tentacle theme in futanari as this allows the theme of urethral penetration to be explored without gay overtones. Most of the feats of penetration demonstrated in hentai are biologically impossible without a strict training regimen, of course. Tanima is the more common term. See paizuri tit fuck. Stereotypically worn by maids see seifuku fechi and others performing cosplayand the subject of fetishization by otaku. Refers to all gay men, as well as to effeminate men and male transvestites.

See yaoi.

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