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She left it up to fan's imagination to fill in what teenagers in love might do in such a situation.

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It leaves fans wondering why Taylor's sneaking out so late, but it's all very subtle which makes sense—this is high school Taylor's take on physical romance. By the time she penned her sophomore album, Taylor was ready to allude to her own urges, if not act on them.

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Taylor didn't explicitly reference her own sexuality for years, but she referenced her best friend Abigail's in this brutally honest track about young love. By the time she penned her third album Speak NowTaylor was ready to sneak in subtle references to more mature relationships, like the line in "Mine" that hints at premarital living arrangements—even if it's an imagined flash-forward. This might not seem like a big deal, but remember: Taylor's target demo was young teens.

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The two collaborated and her self titled album was released in She tapped into a market for 16 year old girls who listen to country music and the album peaked at number five on the Billboard She released her third album Red in This was the beginning of her new sound and the singer transitioned from country to pop in an instant. Her album also received four nominations at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

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Meanwhile, it's emerged that Kanye even asked Taylor to share Famous on her Twitter, which is stupendously egotistic, even for Kanye. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, 'I made that bitch famous.

Taylor Swift roasts BFF Abigail Anderson for loud sex in bridesmaid speech | Metro News

Victoria Beckham betrayed again - will Posh finally stop fighting for her marriage? Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle shares first photo of 'perfect' daughter who arrived two weeks early. The source continued by saying, after the two became intimate, in Dec. Gyllenhaal planned on flying in for her birthday.

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The day before the birthday party the singer spoke with Gyllenhall, and he was coming to the party. The next day, the day of the party, he did not call or text.

He also did not show up to the party, leaving Swift devastated.

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While the internet debated over which song was about which one of Swift's exes, everyone was able to agree on one thing: Swift was, in fact, an adult, who was singing about adult things. It shouldn't have come as a surprise: At the time of its release, Swift was 27 years old. But Swift's move into more mature territory definitely felt a little shocking, an unexpected but not unwelcome revelation.