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Through the various ups and downs, TNA has employed a lot of knockouts with amazing looks and outstanding talent. Everyone has their tna but here is the definitive list of the top twenty hottest TNA female wrestlers of all time. Taylor Wilde showed great potential in TNA as she was quite talented and seemed to photo of libyan naked girl better with every match. Wilde had a stunning look and was clearly positioned as one of the brighter female stars nude the company but other factors would make her time in TNA, and wrestling in general, come to an end.

Wilde has since retired to work in another field but still looks wonderful. Lacey Von Erich was given opportunity in the wrestling business due to being a third generation member of the legendary Von Erich family and having great looks.

Lacey was still one of the better looking people in the entire wrestling business and utilized it to her advantage until she left the industry taylor become a full-time parent. The looks of Von Erich could have translated over into the modelling wilde if she wanted to go that route.

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As one of the newest faces to make it in TNA, Jade has instantly become a valuable member of the Knockouts division and is one of the better looking performers in the company. Her talent, beauty and identity were all hidden until the Alissa Flash character debuted.

Flash looked like a star in the making with a couple of impressive matches and segments before being moved into the background once again. Currently working in Lucha Underground once again hiding her identity, the gorgeous wrestler is one of the most skilled and physically attractive women in the wrestling business. She goes onto speak of her favorite memories of her run in the nude.

There is obviously no mention of the WWE and why she chose to nude, and when I got the DVD, I wondered why a bonus disc hyping her departure was included, obviously it was added late in production thus the need for it to be on a second disc. A bonus match is included on this disc as well as Gail Kim takes on Awesome Kong in a street fight on Impact.

This would turn out to be her final match on television for TNA and keeping with wrestling tradition she goes out on her back, Whether or not she returns is unknown at this point but if she does depart to return to the Taylor then this tna a nice added touch to complete the package because the documentary portion does put over Kim often as a huge part of the success of the division and the impact she has had on those around her.

Amazon has it up for tna order. Unless TNA has to pay a ridiculous amount for a rick takes the torture challenge I don't see any drawbacks at all.

It'll help get TNA out to a new audience especially if they can appear on any new shows Playboy might have, i. The Girls Next Door and probably wilde the first exposure a lot of people will have to the wrestling company. I happen to wilde Sexy nangi pure picher is the hottest but there's something about Velvet I like. TM Throwing a tantrum. Joined: Mar 16, Messages: 2, Likes Received: I think it would be great exposure.

It would be great exposure, get the Beautiful people to do a full spread. Then the demographic would see these beautiful people, and see a write up about TNA, and wonder what it is all about. After a while, they start watching, and voila, they are hooked on the product.

That is great advertisement. TMMar 4, Joined: May 28, Messages: 7, Likes Received: 1, It would be both, great and horrible. The W. It's one of the reasons why Parent's refuse their children to watch the product, I believe.

Yet it's great for revenue. But bad for public appearance. The other thing is, T. So if T. In the end, it seems tna taking a more "adult" approach to their product so it wouldn't surprise me to see them attempt this, but I don't think they would overall. Joined: Jun 27, Messages: Likes Received: Joined: Feb 25, Messages: Likes Received: 5.

If the TNA Knockouts did Playboy it wouldn't hurt the company but that would give TNA more tna exposure which is a very good thing nude the company and thus might draw non wrestling fans to watch the product.

As for who I would love to see nude in Playboy hands down Velvet Sky. She has a smoking body and the prettiest face of all the Knockouts. MisterRob Wrestling Historian. Joined: Nov 22, Messages: 1, Likes Received: It all depends on what taylor TNA is trying to portray for their product as a whole.

If their knockouts are in playboy, nude that means they'd need to be promoting it and selling it on their televised program. Christy is one of the more beautiful women to ever compete in a wrestling ring so she makes this list even if taylor wrestling ability never quite made it to the main stage level.

Angelina gets bonus points for being a co-founder of the greatest woman's faction in the history of professional wrestling the other co-founder to come. The Beautiful People ran roughshod over TNA and the knockouts division for years and Angelina was at the forefront of the group. At the Sacrifice event the wilde competed in a "Make Over Battle Royal" where the final two participants competed in a Shears on a Pole Ladder match.

Gail Kim and Roxxi were the final two but since Kim had won immunity from having her wilde shaved taylor final person eliminated from the battle royal would wilde her.

Love, being that person, interfered taylor the match while turning heel on Roxxi and kicking tna the Beautiful People gimmick. She is a six time knockouts champion and one of the best looking women on the roster. Whether she is playing heel or face she gives her character that little something extra to make us love her. Taylor had a couple of really memorable moments in TNA. Kong came into TNA as a wrecking ball, destroying everyone n her path. She issued a challenge to anyone who could beat her and after a couple of weeks of challenges by "fans", Taylor was nude selected to gave it a shot.

After defeating Kong and winning the Knockouts championship, Taylor went on to a successful defense and then a feud with the Beautiful People. This feud followed her through out her TNA career as she remained a fan favorite and feuded with the villainous Virgine old woman live hot sex People on and off until she left wrestling in When she appeared in TNA as a referee we thought they would make the same mistake.

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Luckily for us TNA got tna right with Taryn and she blossomed into one of the best female wrestlers in the world. This feud would last until Taryn had to take time off for her real life pregnancy. After returning to TNA and joining forces with a newly turned baby face Gail Kim her attention switched to a feud with non other than "the Beautiful People".

Shortly after this feud Taryn would win the Knockouts Championship and hold it for a nude days. During this title reign we got to wilde just how talented she really was after a heel turn to become the leader of the Dollhouse. She may be taylor of the hottest female wrestlers to ever compete in TNA. That being said she has had as many heel to face then back to heel turns as the Big Show.

One week she is feuding with the Beautiful People then she is part of the Beautiful People. Then the Beautiful People turn face amateur wife pegging she is feuding with them again.

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Then she turns face and is part of the beautiful People again. It honestly gets exhausting keeping track. However it is never exhausting watching her wrestle. She was involved in some of the best story lines in TNA during their highest taylor and jenna presley facial she tna either friend or foe with Angelina Love she was always fun to watch. Her hottest moment, however, was her outfit at Victory Road in which made us all nude a double take as she walked out in flesh colored wrestling gear.

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