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Suggest a correction. Keith Kendrick Parentdish UK. MORE: teenagers Parents. It's clear that your metabolism is in high gear and if you don't supply enough calories you could even begin losing more weight.

You, as a teenager, should also not be attempting any intricate diet practices such as very low-carb diets or otherwise, but rather focusing on a mix of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats.

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Limiting the macronutrients at this time could rob your kourtney naked pics of micronutrients vitamins and minerals that are needed for proper growth and development.

Finally, the fifth thing you should be doing if you're a teenager who is getting started into teen bodybuilding is maintaining proper perspective and balance. If you begin to find yourself becoming obsessed with gaining size or losing weight, it's time to take a step back and refocus yourself on what really matters at this point in your life.

While you do definitely want to work towards a body you are proud off, there is a fine line between wanting to look your best and feeling as though your success as a person depends on it.

By maintaining balance with your workout goals and the other activities in your life, you will set yourself up for many years of healthy working out, which will get you the body you are looking for in the long run. Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Correctly Understand The Changes That Are Taking Place In The Body When you begin a weight lifting program as a teenager, your body is not going to react in exactly the same manner as someone who is in their early twenties or thirties would.

At an age where many girls obsess over staying slim, McConnell instead works tirelessly to bulk up. The year-old started lifting when she was 14 and competing when she was Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter.

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