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She was busy on Empire but still completely game. And then the elections happened and we realized we had to do something. Everything in life, really, is based on a narrative. And it helps us open our imagination teen girl ripping bong naked only to what is but what could be.

Did you talk about the criticisms that people had about the initial series? Like, for example, the way the show dealt with trans characters. I think the most important thing is that we make sure to have trans actors playing trans characters. You learn from possible mistakes, you try to correct those mistakes, and you realize that the ground is shifting between us and beneath us. That feels right.

How has the show, if it has at all, changed the way you feel about or define your own sexuality? It made it really clear that I am so super-square, so super-straight, and so super-cis. I feel incredibly old-fashioned and so uncool. By far, the most uncool person on set. By a long shot. Like, really. So square that I actually have Top 40 hits on my playlists, which pains Kate Moennig to no degree. She roasts you for your music? Yeah, I stay with her sometimes. How has it felt, being witness to the Kate phenomenon?

Searingly smart. She has a very astute eye for story.

The L Word: Generation Q plots an intergenerational, more inclusive world in its pilot

Not even Bette?! Oh, gosh, no. No, no, no, no, no. A hot mess. But fun to play! And by hot, I mean, fetid. Not sexy. We can agree to disagree. A lot can happen to people in ten years.

Lots of things happen!

Jennifer Beals on The L Word, Jenny’s Death, Her Sexuality

Will we ever get justice for Dana? What do you mean by justice? Define justice. Will we get a retcon and learn she actually survived breast cancer? What is the secret?

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I completely do age. Believe me, I definitely do age. Well, thank you for chatting. I hope we can talk again after the series. Because it would be really fun to do a revisit. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Luckily, Molly negotiates their way into a shack of some sort and the scene is quiet — just breathing, no music, and Shane surrendering while not seeming entirely sure why. IDK, I love it and I love them. Carmen: Full Confession: I actually really like this scene and find it very hot, but I had to subtract a point because they were both thinking about someone else the entire time.

Helena is crying and fucking and everything is too much. She is so lovely and so sad. Oddly-chosen furniture obscures our view, similarly oddly-chosen background noise obscures our ears. But they sex on.

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Bette does that thing to Tina, you know? One thing they do say out loud, though? Carmen: This is such a boss move and I love Helena for it. Bbw bbc I know that technically this is a terrible idea but also I fell pretty hard for some versions of Helena.

Arizona Robbins. Those are the rules! Natalie: Bette getting topped is everything I never knew I always wanted. Natalie: You know what never leads to sex?


Conversations best how your dad died. This scene might have been the very moment I realized that there was no escaping how gay I was. Drew: Imagine Bette Porter picking you up sex a bar. Imagine Bette Porter bringing you back to her hotel room. Drew: Bette and Alice is my dream ship and while my dreams never fully came true in the original series, we did get this one beautiful moment. Some viewers like me consider this one of the rawest, most authentic sex scenes ever on television — what Tina conceives as possible has just been blown open by betrayal and scenes, and what Bette conceives as possible has just been blown open norway porn school girl the possibility of Tina leaving.

Drew: This scene is so word because of Leisha Hailey. Are you sensing a theme from me? The brand-new couple arrives a little early to the show and instead of picking up a six-pack and some Charleston Chews at the to pass the time, they fuck. And fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck. This girl and I must have watched this scene ten thousand times. How hungry they are, how well-fed they become.

The line has been crossed. Watching Jennifer Beals consumed with desire? Yes, please. Why are rules best hard! Natalie: This grade is for the sex, not the music, right? Valerie: I love the magnet pull between Shane and Carmen, and I love the moment between two people when they stop resisting the pull and smash together. Drew: An objectively good sex scene, but as a Jodi stan it makes me sad. Valerie: This is hard for me to choose because TeamCarmen but I cannot deny the hotness of it. Except for Adele creeping outside???!! Drew: What do you want me to say?

I like people opening themselves up to vulnerability and I like art. Valerie: Welcome to one of my other top ships of this show. Carmen: X2. The had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

Follow her on twitter and instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. This was a bit more sex scenes than I remember, but I also blocked out the last seasons. And yeah Alice has sex with Uta Refson, possible vampire, definite hottie. Ranked 15 here, 2 in my heart. Vampire lady, not just goth but fanged goth and had the suspension system of my teen BDSM dreams.

Took japanese love sex movies years to realize how bad Lisa was tamil actor kushboo hot. The ridicule of strangers is like whatever but the ridicule of a lover was just unbearable to watch or consider. So uh did anyone else find the beaver buffing before word scene to be kinda of cute?

I must the that I blanked on about half of these, while I can tell you the titles to the songs played in about a dozen. Some of the exposition, on the other hand, requires a scoop of suspension of disbelief, like when Shane steps off a private jet and mumbles something to Bette about selling off international salons. The L Word was always dipped in a shiny layer of fantasy, seen in both the scenes that it created a world sex which everyone from the baristas to the school deans to the book critics are gay and also in the lavish lives its characters lived despite having jobs that did not equate to lavish lives.

And the latter continues for the characters that bind the two series. Shane, Bette, and Alice live glamorous lives still. Alice has gone from a bisexual freelance journalist to a popular talk show host, and Shane has gone from wielding scissors in a skate-park-slash-salon that was burned down by her ex in an act of arson revenge to The series brilliantly pivots Bette from art to politics, which feels right for the character but also opens the show up to do some timely storytelling.

The mixing of the personal and the professional for Bette seen here is very The Good Wiferife with drama. But Generation Q also injects some groundedness into this universe. Alice is kind of an asshole to Sophie when Sophie fails to deliver a Kamala Harris interview that she thought she could get. When Shane offhandedly suggests that Finley can have one of the extra rooms in her house, Finley jumps at it.