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It's tough to narrow down the ten greatest male pornstars stars of all time - is it cock size? Number of movies? Popular appeal? Whatever you use, there are going to be gaps, but we've done our best to make this a pretty inclusive list. Some of them could act, some of them were funny, some of them got by on huge cock size, but they're all giants among porn men: These ten guys have starred in a staggering total of more than ten thousand movies, exclusive of web scenes and loops - even at a conservative estimate, that's more than a straight year of porn.

You know them, you love them. Ron Jeremy is hands down, the undisputed king of porn. Affable, approachable and endlessly energetic, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business made something on the order of movies. He's appeared top more compilations than most stars have in their total filmographies, and he has enjoyed crossover appeal that no other porn star has ever achieved.

Even people who have never seen porn - yes, there are a few - know who Ron Jeremy is. It's hard to imagine now, when Jeremy is something of a punchline, but there was a time when he was male handsome, dynamic young actor with a great body, a huge cock, and a flair for comic acting that's rare nude black celebs porn; his talents included self-fellatio and being able to come at the end of a countdown. Although he has helmed a few films, Jeremy is one of the few men male porn who hasn't transitioned to directing, so his success is based almost entirely on his performance.

View More from Ron Jeremy. If there's any doubt as to whether Manuel Ferrara belongs on this list, just look at the fact that he has won AVN's Male Performer of the Year award five times. A lot of porn awards don't really matter, but those do, and Ferrara deserves every one. His first appearance in an American film was in Fashionistas, which is like making your pitching debut in the World Series, but he was up to the task, and he's been in more than movies since then as well as directing nearly Manuel was married to Dana Vespoli for seven years and is currently married to Kayden Kross.

He started his adult career in pornstars later on a long list of achievements was there on his way. He has done wonders in the industry and his presence has always increased the jennifer love hewitt fake skirt and views of a video. At the age of 18, he initiated top career in the adult industry. His childhood ambition transformed into reality when he entered the porn world.

Top 10 Male Porn Stars Of Today - The Lord Of Porn

The year old actor has also directed many of the pornos and has been a prominent personality of the market. His slim body seems so unusual when we compare him with others, but the fact is he is one of the most searched porn stars.

He has also been involved in many sexual affairs with other well-known celebrities due to his irresistible sex appeal. The year old artist has performed in adult films and directed Originally known as Mitchell Hartwell, this porn actor is popular for his work in gonzo porn films. He started his work from websites and later he went to Los Angeles for more contracts and projects.

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He won numerous AVN Awards for his brilliant performance and sex scenes. Most of the porn fans are men, and logically, they search for female stars and their boobs.

Top 10 Male Pornstars

But while it seems that female porn stars get all the attention, there are quite a few renowned male actors that, while maybe not searched so often, are still known to the majority of fans due to their perks and abilities.

Throughout the porn history, there were always men that were regarded as kings of porn, and lots of them were famous outside of the porn world, think Ron Jeremy for example. Below, you will find a safe for work list of some of the best and smartest male pornstars of all time.

Welp, there goes his fortune and all the predictions!

Top 10 Male Pornstars

The Italian who has been working in the porn industry since he was 18 and now, he is close to He is the only male in our list who was hard to research, and we have failed at top a number that we were comfortable with. However, having shot close to 3k scenes, and not falling into any drug dramas or so, we would say he is certainly a worthy contender.

This young lad from United Kingdom has racked up an impressive amount and was married to Mia Malkova He gets to screw hottest pornstars while showering in golden coins. His dream was to become a professional football player, and this is not far from the reality.

I mean this dude still scores. Another Brazzers pornstar who worked as a male stripper for over 10 years before was noticed by Brad Alexander. What was he doing pornstars such place? I have no clue.

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