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This is where the g-spot is located and this can be very pleasurable. You can use your hand to pull back the hood of the clitoris. This makes that area much more sensitive. Start with light strokes with your tongue, and then you can go into harder pressure.

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It can be really erotic to moan or hum when stimulating the clitoris because of the vibrations it causes. If your partner is into anal stimulation you can also go into that, just remember to use lubrication and to keep paying attention to the genitals. Of course, everyone is different. A very light touch, almost floating above the skin, is very tantric and exciting.

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If you take his hand and guide it to your clit, you can get him even more excited. The angles of your throat and his penis will match much better in this position. Having him on nakedyoung girl legs spread can make the blowjob a littler hard to control, so if this worries you, stay on top of him! Start with just your lips, and roll your tongue over the head of his penis.

Start slow and take as much of him into your throat as you can; stop and back off if you need to. Use the back of your tongue in a swallowing motion and run your tongue around the shaft of the cock as you swallow.

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Pull back out and start sucking on him like he was a Popsicle, he will love it. Suck as hard as you want unless he indicates that he needs you to linda cardellini nude. Alternate the lips, tongue, and throat to bring him to climax.

For more hot secrets from the fairer sex, discover What Every Woman Wants. Take Your Time When it comes to cunnilingus, the folladoras words should never leave your mouth: How long should I do it for? So your main goal should be to take her off the clock. Share this.

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Do you like dirty talk? Are you loud or quiet during sex?

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Have you ever been inturrepted during sex or masturbation? What kind of porn do you like to watch? Have you ever had a one night stand? Do you still keep in contact with them? Have you ever had a friends with benefits?