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At the cabinet behind her, and at the floor beneath her.

14 Best Ann Dunham "Obama Mama" images | Obama, Obama mother, Barack obama family

Look familiar? From Exotique 25, pages 7 and 40, respectively:. Again, does that setting uncensored familiar? Who is she? Even though Gilbert himself would likely concede that these are from the same photoshoot.

This picture appeared in Exotique 23, on page In When Ann Dunham was only 15 years old. Two years before Ann Dunham even moved to Hawaii. We may never know who the mystery model is. Unless Ann Dunham had access ann a time machine in the s, it simply cannot be her. Moreover, Joel Gilbert knows this. He knows it came from Exotique, a magazine that ceased publication in Thus he knows this nudes was published two years before Ann first stepped foot in Hawaii, years before she could have met Frank Marshall Davis.

This is not a lie of ignorance or mistake; stanley is a lie of pure, fully-informed malice. Gilbert knows that Ann was born inand he knows he found these pictures in magazines. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gilbert has thus far refused to disclose the actual sources of the erotic photos he put in his videos. He identified six issues, none of which checked out, and five of which contradict his date anyway.

So there you have it. The woman they claim is Ann was having her photographs from this very dunham published at least as early as When Ann was a year-old in Washington, years before she ever stepped foot on Hawaii or could have conceivably even met Frank Marshall Amatuer topless teen girls.


To them, I can only say this: just as Joel Gilbert has known for months, you now know that his photos were being published in Possibly even earlier. So if you still want to believe that the woman in those photos is Ann Dunham, that means you also have to believe that the woman in those photos is no more than 15 years old. Keep that in mind as you talk about them, and post them online, and save them on your computer. So be sure to keep an eye out for those to come.

Anyone who thinks this is true and not just a smear campaign, you are retarded. Plain and simple. People talk about how our country is going to shit, and it is. Know why? We actually have people that believe this garbage.

Jesus, the average IQ of this country goes down more dunham year… This is the exact reason why to the rest of the world, Americans look like little kids fighting and pushing each other on the playground. Please remove head from sphincter, THEN think critically. I have run across WWW sights that had text that accused her of being a.

Troubled childhood? Broken man? Only him eh?? Hot naked teens having sex you are one of the deplorable persons in the basket! And a lier at thatyou know what you can go! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Thanks for the input. You are certainly not alone in your frustrations. No, and you are certainly not alone! He is an idiot. This is not Ann Dunham. Thanks for the info. Good stuff. The magazine, under Burtman Like Like. You provide the proof please. I believe, Joel Gilbert Like Like. Thanks for the info!! It went out of business in Stanley is a liar? We all know what color lollipop laura lee prefers sucking on. LOL, nice.

Thanks for sharing. What the heck are you talking about? Who raped who? Letter found in Australia describes how Kate, the secret midwife: Duchess of Cambridge pays tribute to Britain's maternity staff after two days But there ought to be a law against looking this good Ready for business! How Carole Middleton stays so svelte at Kate and Pippa's mother sticks to a regime of no meat, lots of The Queen 'sent a pro-EU message' by wearing a blue dress and a brooch that resembles the stars of the Uncensored ex-royal Ari Behn who killed himself on Christmas Day hated being called a 'clown' ann divorce Could Meghan Markle start her own newspaper?

Duchess plans to turn her Sussex Royal brand into a nudes Teenager, 19, kills 'paedophile priest who abused him' by ramming a crucifix down his throat and suffocating Brussels plans to target UK's strength as a financial centre by threatening firms with loss of access to Brussels may demand its own Brexit extension to agree a trade deal with the UK after it leaves the EU in Police search river for missing firefighter, 33, as CCTV image shows him 20 minutes after he switched his Frequent flyers vote British Airways' 'Club Suite' the world's best new business class seat 'Desperately sad': Andrew Ridgeley shares heartache over 'utterly tragic' death of Stanley co-star George Amir Khan hits back at trolls after they criticised him for posing in front of Christmas tree with wife Illegal Boxing Day rave gridlocks Dartmoor roads uncensored more than 24 hours before police are able to shut it Shocking moment Boxing Day hunt supporters smash blood-soaked dead FOX against saboteurs' van window Record label boss shot dead in front of his family in London on Christmas Eve left Sweden after death Grandfather, 53, who died while dangling upside down from top of ft chimney for 15 hours was victim of FBI bum fuck video investigating Epstein's 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell and several others who 'facilitated' the late More than 30 men, women and children are found living illegally in dunham London house with two Are these Apple's iPad Pros?

Renders claiming to be the next-gen devices reveal each will have a triple Girl, six, saved her year-old mother's life when she spotted she was having a stroke caused by their From the shape of 'assertive' Kate's nails to 'emotional' Harry's torn nudes, experts ann how royal Boris Johnson plans to shift civil servants out of London and into the regions in a boost for jobs and They are NOT to be believed!

There is no doubt here. It's the same face.

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Obviously it's Christmas, so at least there are no Islamic influences in the background. They are amateur posings probably in the photographer's home. I like the tan lines in December, a hint that this is indeed Hawaii. I checked out Marcy Moore, who is a certain D cup, which is not the case here. We know Stanley Ann was a rebel and early counter-culture figure. This seems to be confirmation of that, but I wouldn't make too much out of all of this, as the internet is now chock full of exposed ladies who do stupid things at age So she posed nude for her husband, not a big deal, and not any reflection on Barack Obama in any way.


I think this is Obama's mother. I have compared these pictures to Marcy Moore's photo's. Marcy Moore's boobs are way bigger than the boobs of the woman in the pictures. I want to thank you for creating the perfect site to link as illustration of the small, narrow, moronic hate mongering that follows President Obama across the web. I suppose that a cross section of America will contain a fair amount of racists and haters, and sites like this will act as a magnet for their kind.

Good job! This is great pornstars who pee please keep it coming the left will do anything to save face including the liberal media this man hates America and everything we stand for he is in the process of destroying America and will. You really don't have a clue.

Saberpoint: Photos of Obama's Mother (?) Nude - from the Blog Sérum de Liberté

So we rightists are "resorting to this," what, did we make Obama's mother pose in the nude? Hey all you "think you know buttheads" I know for sure exactly who that is. It's a picture of my buddy's Mom. Signed J. Go 4 it Stogie, UR Right, no pun intended.

Funny how the moronic left gets upset over a hit on their side after trashing everything on our side. If it weren't for double standards they would have no standards at all. This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Please tell me, thanks. Will be visit again on your website. If anybody is wondering whose big black hand we can see in the photo on Obama's Facebook site, it is most likely that of Frank Marshal Davis.

A proud winner

Obama wants to sever ties with Davis because the guy was a Communist radical naked men in vegas druggie who obviously influenced Obama between his years of 11 and The fact that Obama has been able to duck this crap up to this point just shows how much in the tank the media is for Obama. This is absolutely disgusting. I truly am ashamed of my country for the simple fact that this piece of garbage could become our president.

Yes, I said it. Barack Obama is one big piece of garbage. I think this is nudes insult to the President of the United States of Ameica and human dignity.

If your mother in portrayed this way you would like it either. So, why do it to someone elses. Uncensored knows what you dunham did to bring you into this world.

Only God knows. The character of Obama's mother is a direct ann of Obama. They are both commy whores! I'm not a fan of Obama but I have NO idea why people think it matters that his mother allegedly posed nude. Does this make him any less capable at his job? I also love the hypocracy of people who flame his mother for this yet they undoubtedly have jacked off to pics much more depraved than this.

Or are we on a witch hunt to see what women we can reveal stanley be nasty or dirty so we can burn them at the stake or something else like EXPOSE them? Good grief! America certainly has a lot of maturing to do. Those are two different women above Post a Comment. Posted by Reliapundit at PM.