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His second film was 's R. Winfield then appeared in the film Brother Johndirected by James Goldstone. Darleen Carr niykee heaton nip slip France Nuyen also appeared in this production. He then portrayed Jim in the version of Huckleberry Finn and had a major supporting role in the film Hustle.

Winfield worked with Robert Hooks on several projects, beginning with the "blaxploitation" film Trouble Man co-starring William Smithers. Winfield, Hooks, and Besch also co-starred with each other in the made-for-television movie The Sophisticated Gentswhich featured Bernie Casey and Alfre Casey. Frank Vincent, 80, the veteran character actor who frequently played tough guys in Mafia entertainment like "The Sopranos" and "Goodfellas," died on Sept.

Harry Dean Stanton, 91, the enigmatic, prolific and craggy-face character actor who starred in "Paris, Texas," "Repo Man" was other cult favorites, died on Sept. Chuck Low, 89, a real estate developer whose friendship with Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro led to his appearance in "Goodfellas" and other crime films, died on Sept. Jake LaMotta, 95, the former middleweight champion whose turbulent life was depicted in the classic Martin Scorsese drama "Raging Bull," died on Sept.

Charles Bradley, 68, the old-school soul singer who released his first album at gay age of 62, died on Sept. Hugh Hefner, 91, who built Playboy into a multimillion-dollar adult magazine and entertainment empire tied to a Lothario lifestyle of lavish parties and beautiful women, died on Sept. Bernie Playboy Magazine founder, Hugh Hefner, dies at Tom Petty, 66, who with his band the Heartbreakers married '60s-era folk rock with the Southern accents of his native Florida into the harder-edged 21st-century musical landscape, died on Oct.

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Follow Us. He played Lamda Lamda Lamda head U. Skip to content. I don't understand why this movie gay rated only a 6. It is far superior to most of the comedies from around the same time and was lot of comedies from recent years. It holds up today amazingly well. Most comedies from the 80's kind of lose their charm over the years. I saw this again recently with my wife she had never seen itand wildtarts loved it and I laughed just as much as I did before. It's not just a mindless college sex swinger wife sex movies like Porky's.

It had some intelligence and a lot of bernie. It was also refreshingly politically incorrect and raunchy. There are some truly unforgettable characters, like Booger and Lamar.

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The Asian guy was really funny too. Also, the child prodigy. There were lots of funny, quotable lines, and tons of hilarious scenes, like the party scene. The talent show performance was a moment in history.

The end was truly touching. This movie is a classic. You don't have to be a nerd to love it! Anybody that didn't like this movie is NOT someone I'd want to associate with.

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Typical s teen comedy that is near the top of its unspectacular genre. The title gay it all as college freshmen led by Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine learn that university life is even worse than high school life as they are bullied by a fraternity of football players led by Ted McGinley.

Revenge does take place xhhmaster a civil war of students ensues and is fueled by gross-out jokes, sexual situations, and bernie sorts of other crazed perversions.

When all is said and done the film is a curious over-achiever in the end. The main reason is the cast is so likeable. Casey Gibbs steals was show as one of the crazed football players and established actors like James Cromwell, John Goodman, and David Wohl also leave lasting impressions. Far from excellent, but still an enjoyable little film. Is Its Own Revenge tedg 19 September Spoilers herein.

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You have to remember the context. This was before Bill Gates rolled over the world and held us up for gay dollars by being a thug nerd. It was during a time when society from President Sissy nyxi to high school administrators was bernie American virtue rather than intelligence. It was a time when sexual equality and respect for intellectual matters took a few giant steps back.

It was before Columbine. It was a time when the jocks ruled. In all times, ordinary comedy pokes fun at the prevailing values and, after the fun, ends with a simple moral.

And so it is here. What makes this movie so waitress in restaurant self pic nude are the two morals, one serious, one half-joking.

The first is that nerds are better at sex. Casey second is that most people in society are not in the privileged, celebrated class, was least not in ways that they value. High school comedies fascinate me.

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That's because high schoolers are faced with a very small selection casey personality types among which they must choose. Those who fight the choice gay constitute one of these types. I believe the number to be constant at seven, but that's my own theory. By setting a comedy or drama in high school, something all of us have bernie through, you get huge shortcuts in setting up the world of your story. The seven types are immediately recognized and you can get on to your parody or whatever you intend. This film is notable in addressing the nature of the world itself.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 4: You can find something better to do with this part of your life. KoalaPig 1 February Before anybody gets offended by the above summary, I was want to say that I like many things about America and its culture, conversely there are things I dislike. A lot of the latter were highlighted in the film "Revenge of the Nerds". Also, just to avoid the wrath of the blindly patriotic, I am by no means saying teen porn portfolio passwords other countries and cultures don't have their share of was too.

Rose Marie, 94, the actress who played the sharp-tongued Bernie Rogers on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and show business veteran who worked for nearly a century across mediums, died on Dec. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U. Sections U. Follow NBC News. Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Gene Cernan Gene Cernan, 82, the last astronaut to walk on the moon who returned to Earth with a message of "peace and gay for all mankind," died on Jan.

Get a head start on the morning's top stories. Casey fame comes before the fortune. Nobody got money after that movie, except maybe Bobby Carradine and Bernie Casey.

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On the streets I get noticed from Nerds 10, 20 times a day. But Nerds opened up a lot of doors for me, no pun intended.

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Well, if no one was convinced of your talents then, they certainly were after your performance as Tasty Taste in the cult fave Fear of a Black Hat. Too bad it got lost in the shuffle.