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Charming, pretty, and Yuu may have a bit of experience experimenting with crossdressing, but when a mix up leaves him wearing his sister's clothes one day, he finds himself catching eyes - and hearts too!

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Meanwhile, Kiriya is a shy boy who's only talked to Yuu in passing a few times; and certainly not while he was crossdressing! At first he even mistakes him for a girl Plenty of hijinx lay ahead for our quirky lovers! Cross Love is a short, kinetic yaoi visual novel that features plenty of laughs, cute scenes, and of course - lewd ones too.

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Vaygren - Chapter 1 Artist. Sun's Bizarre Adventure Artist. Honey Moon Artist. Chapter 11 "Dance is Dead" Part 10 Artist.

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Critical Hentia Developer. Welcome to our fantasy world, where the Game Master has tasked Akira, a curious adventurer, with reclaiming his most prized possession. Akira's journey isn't without peril, however, as the Game Master doesn't necessarily have Akira's best interests in mind Or does he? Debut Part 1 Artist. Locking Horns 2 Artist.

Bunny and Carrot Artist. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. WesternHentai hot new rising controversial western gilded wiki.

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Want to western Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit new content. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. WesternHentai hentia leavereaders users here now Home hot new top If you don't see any posts on the sub, click here This subreddit is for the more western erotic art. During their l….

Eric western a troublesome son who does nothing but flaunt and hentia with the wrong people, and his father Jason has had enough. New series by Reinbach! This Romantic World is an ongoing adults-only comic that takes place in a reality where the free lov…. Can she avoid the tricks of Fa….

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This is the final ink version of my first adult comic. Please consider supporting me on IndieGoGo!!! Comic done by oh! Insatiable Husband [ongoing] 28 pictures updated. The Party Ch. Another journey, at last! Western Western Audience: Straight Sex demon tiefling gnome ongoing Artist: Artist: Clumzor hentia character: peach character: character: sunny series: series: the party character: character: bug character: character: bambi character: character: kathy character: character: plum.

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Highschool DXD Subjugation 2 10 pictures hot.