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November 29, Retrieved December 10, All these years later, it feels great to finally tell her in person, that she was one of my biggest inspirations" Tweet. Retrieved January 28, — via Twitter. February 25, Retrieved February 2, August 24, November 11, Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on March 17, Retrieved March 7, Wrestling Profile".

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Retrieved January 25, Retrieved December 8, Archived from the original on July 3, Retrieved January 31, Slam Wrestling. A great role model for us inspiring Divas" Tweet. Retrieved January 14, — via Twitter. Thank you so much for inspiring our childhoods" Tweet.

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Proving just how important it can be for a female WWE employee to be willing to go gay for pay once in a while, Layla El and Jen England did just that when they became the two finalists in the Diva Search.

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Ultimately, only Layla was porno with tanya chisholm to get a job out of the random make-out session, and England was never to be seen again, despite giving it her all in every sense of the expression. Taking it a step further than the usual random wwe experiences seen in lesbian, El and England were both in bikinis and kiss no time in falling to the floor, going all out and doing whatever it took to get that job.

Given their smaller scale and more intimate audience, independent wrestling promotions are far more likely to pull off divas lesbian based storyline with some sort of dignity than WWE. That said, the fact many of divas companies operate in the Southern United States could be a small obstacle, which Taeler Hendrix kiss when accepting a lesbian stalker angle while working for Ohio Valley Wrestling, which despite the misleading name, is actually based in Kentucky.

Noting how biased some of the fans in that state are, Hendrix even said it made her sick to her stomach when her bosses told her Heidi Lovelace aka Ruby Riot was going to be revealed as her long-rumored secret admirer. Luckily, she was able to get over the uneasiness lesbian create one of the more nuanced versions of this idea the industry had seen.

Of course, the fact Vince McMahon had nothing to do with it probably helped more than anything else. Upon first glance, wwe made enough sense that Sable would make her WWE return to confront Torrie Wilson about appearing in Playboy magazine.

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Sable was the first female wrestler to make that move, and wrestling logic means she would always be jealous about anyone replicating her accomplishment. What made significantly less sense was when WWE started taking their feud in a lesbian direction for no particular reason, except that Sable and Wilson had an additional Playboy shoot together not too long down the line.

Hugh Hefner would be another one of those men pointlessly attracted to lesbians, so the ladies were forced to hug and kiss as they appeared naked in the pages of his magazine.

15 Lesbian Moments In Wrestling That Made Our Jaws Drop

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Ultra Hard anal Fuck - Lexi Lowe. The Total Divas wrestler was called out for a Snapchat in which she kissed fellow wrestler Naomi while they were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas when the screenshotted image was shared on Instagram.

I've hooked up with girls; I've experimented, but this is just friendly. I don't even understand the big deal of it. Lana assures viewers that her husband's concern stems not from any kind of homophobia, but from jealousy.