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Still, her fans would not likely have been disappointed to see her in this light a few additional times. The image above would actually be the first ever Bra and Panty match to happen on WWE television, during which time Lita was defending the title against Trish Stratus. How is that for a history lesson? Who would think a simple white tank top and a pair of blue track pants more suited for a year-old boy would look hot on a WWE Diva?

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As you can see, a backstage photoshoot was required that night because Lita looked hot in just about anything she threw on. Yes, even in baggy blue track pants with horrid yellow pockets. We love you, Lita. Every single Raw, SmackDown, and PPV event, fans would flock to the club to watch live wrestling and most times, a Superstar or Diva would guest host the event. In December ofLita would make an appearance at the club by stripping out of a robe to reveal malachi marx porn Christmas-themed red pair of lingerie that had the club roaring with excitement.

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Because, you know, Dean Malenko stood a chance, right? What Lita wore in that hotel was quite possibly one of the hottest entries to make this list. But unfortunately for Malenko, it was all a rouse and instead of sleeping with Lita like he had hoped, he got a champagne bottle smashed over his head by Lita's real boyfriend, Matt Hardy.

In earlyLita landed a lita to appear on the hit television show Dark Angel starring the equally sexy Jessica Alba. Why did she take off her top? Because she's Lita! In one of the more bizarre story lines to occur in Lita's career, Kane would develop a twisted obsession with Lita, which would eventually lead to the Big Red Machine somehow managing to knock Lita up. How that happened, we do not want to know.

A Edge. Fans were led to believe Lita's real-life ex-boyfriend Dirty pictures of young girls having sex Hardy was released from the company because of the whole ordeal. Jenny davies porn this match at Vengeance, Lita watched as Kane laid waste wwe her new boyfriend.

And as you can see from the outfit she had on, Lita was starting to get a lot more risque. Her outfits were getting smaller and wet. Which leads us to our lita point Lita was now a sex-kitten waiting to be tamed, and her outfits seemed to almost reflect this change. For the remainder of Lita's career, and the bottom half of this list, Lita is no longer the goodie goodie sweetheart we learned to love. But this is what terrific heel turns are all about.

With Matt Hardy chants emanating from the crowd every time Lita and Edge would appear on screen, Vince McMahon had no other choice but to bring Hardy back, resulting in one of the best feuds to occur in the s.

Real life drama? Yes, please! Staged drama does not hold a candle to that of real life. At ringside, Lita pretty much wore a bra with some purple netting to spice wet up. Top that off with some skinny jeans, Lita was a-okay! The Love Triangle saga continued throughout fall ofand hot an wwe of Monday Night Raw, Lita would accompany her man Edge to the ring and boy did she look hot!

On first glance, there's nothing particularly interesting about this outfit. She's wearing a pair hot track pants but still manages to make it sexy because hey, it's Lita.

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The top she's wearing isn't too revealing either, but it's nice and snug to showcase those goods of hers. Combine this outfit with how fit Lita's body is wwe this point in her career, and damn. She was on fire. On this night, Lita and Edge would get the best of Hardy. Just as we thought Hardy would pummel Edge to a bloody pulp, Lita would sneak up from behind and kick her former-boo right in the groin.

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We have a whole collection of different sexy pics of Lita from her bikini images to cleavage shots, we hot them all. These are not topless pictures of Lita, but they are still the next best thing. Amy Dumas, aka Lita, was born in the year on April 14th. Lita is a professional wrestler and furthermore the lead artist for punk musical gang The Luchagors. Her hair looks elegantly disheveled, and you can tell a lot of time went into making her hair look as wet and unkempt as it does. In the course of her reign, Lita became embroiled in the storyline feud between the Hardy Boyz and.

Whether she was flying high with or shocking censors alongsidethe four-time Women's Champion knew how to elicit a reaction around the world. Also, she has a YouTube fanpage dedicated to her which hassubscribers as of October 8, InStratus was anime porn milf trainer for.

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The next night onTest and Albert joined forces as theand Stratus began her first role in the company as their. A beautiful woman with real knowledge of the product, she truly committed herself to the craft of wrestling and became arguably one of the best wrestlers of any gender, ever. The rehearsal required that she practice the hurricanrana that would be used in the episode, however, the stunt double Dumas was working with dropped her as she swung through the move, causing her to land on her neck and shoulders.

If she only could have seen into the future of what it would lead to. Stratus then attempted to regain the hot for several months, including competing in a at against Lita and Jazz in her hometown ofbut failed to win the match. During her stay in Mexico, Dumas wwe under numerous wrestlers, includingKevin Quinn and.

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Wet from on May 6, The injuring of both his brother and ex-girlfriend led to a reconciliation between the members of Team Xtreme, and on the December hot episode of SmackDown!

A wrestler who is typically only lita by fans in either her wrestling gear or dark and body covering clothes that fit her style, this bikini photo seems very out of the norm.

The photo actually used in the magazine was airbrushed a lot more, but I opted to go for the original, unaltered version for this list as it was more colorful than old magazine scans, and Lita still looks stunning in either variant. Lita, the wwe herself, was just so titillating at the time that she got people hot and bothered while wearing baggy pants.