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The nursery practitioner says she has spent the last 12 years begging medics for reduction surgery. But after having more than doctors appointments in the whit 10 girls about her breasts she has been rejected for the life-changing surgery twice. The year-old says doctors have continued to tell her her chest will get smaller if she keeps losing weight - despite being only 5ft 6inches tall and weighing a slim 9st 9lbs.

And after docs said she had body dysmorphia and suggested big back problem was "all in her head", Jenna says she went on women snipples develop an eating disorder. Jenna, who lives in Glasgow with boyfriend James Harvey, 27, said while some girls dream of having big boobs, it's not the same as having "naturally large breasts".

Jenna says she was young at school and was even given the nickname boobs by cruel classmates.

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Jenna went to her GP with her mum at 16, when her back problem began, to try and get referred for a reduction. Between the ages of 17 and 18, Jenna went on a diet and dropped down to just 8st 5lbs - but her chest stayed the same size. My dad was a bodybuilder so he helped me try and do exercises to strengthen my back, and I used to get sports massages too.

When she was 18 Jenna was finally referred to Glasgow Royal Infirmary to see a plastic surgeon but says she was told to talk to a psychiatrist first. I just wanted to have my breasts reduced to help with the pain in my back. During this time Jenna private casting 9 bulimia - an eating disorder characterised by binge eating followed by a purging of the food.

Jenna said: "I was trying to bring up everything I ate, and once my mum and dad caught on to it I started taking laxatives - around two a day.

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At 21 Jenna was referred back to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and got to see plastic surgeons this time. She says they took pictures of her without her bra on to see the size difference in her body and noticed her right breast was significantly bigger than her left.

But despite noting this Jenna claims they refused her for surgery saying her body is in "perfect proportion". The amount of sweat that pools in between your boobs when you work out could fill a reservoir.

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The exercise struggles never end. Plus, there's a reason you dread the heat. Your friends are always telling you how jealous they are of your cup size. They act like you're getting rid of your boobs altogether!

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It's not a limb reduction, people. You just want to get through the day without throwing your back out. Finding a place for the seat belt to go is a struggle in itself. The words on graphic tees are always misplaced because of your chest. You've bought so many of them, you're practically a part-time brazier consultant. Also, you spend all of your money on bras! And you look amazing and feel super confident. There's no better feeling than this.

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You're roughly 30 times more likely to get dress coded than your tiny-tittied best friend. You reflect fondly upon the time in your life when you couldn't wait to get boobs and start wearing a bra. Remember when you begged your mom to buy you your first bra when you didn't even need it?

You were so young and naive. Half the time you're obsessed with them. The other half you wish you were a 32 A.